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DateTitle Authors
2007 Regional university marketing in under-developed regionsŠtefko, Robert / Frankovský, Miroslav / Baèík, Radovan
2008 Global imbalances: The evolution of the process and policy responsesWilczyński, Ryszard
2008 Education management in knowledge based societyTodose, Daniela
2008 The lean design of manufacturing processStrachotová, Dana
2008 Merger and acquisition in the banking sectorSzewczyk, Anna
2008 Supply of the industrial products in Romania: A territorial approachGrigorescu, Adriana / Sãseanu, Andrea
2008 Divided co-ownership and matrimonial property in legal regulations of Slovak RepublicKerul’ová, Magdaléna
2008 The risk of imbalances in the financing of social protection in the context of demographic ageingBoboc, Cristina / Voineagu, Vergil
2008 Intellectual capital and the organisational learning in the knowledge societyLefter, Viorel / Bob, Constantin / Sãseanu, Andrea
2008 The place of small and medium enterprises within the sustainable development frameworkPurcarea, Irina
2008 Increasing quality through implementing the quick response method to achieve competitiveness of the companyBranská, Lenka / Pecinová, Zuzana
2008 Kaizen: Right managementBesta, Petr / Lenort, Radim
2008 Marketing promotion and distribution of project within private and public sphereKerul, Rastislav
2008 Marketing of public and business affairs subsystems of socio-economic environmentGrigorescu, Adriana
2008 Stock control in automotive industry with simulation utilizationVegnerová, Petra
2008 Sociosynergistic management of the companies: Economic, energetic and ecologic challengeTuran, Duésan
2008 Communication of the organizationSłomski, Wojciech
2008 Tourism market and demographic changesNedelea, Alexandru
2008 Analysis of products demand on EU markets based on commerce activity of large storesGhita, Simona / Titan, Emilia
2008 Multicriterial hierarchy methods applied in consumption demand analysis: The case of RomaniaBob, Constantin
2009 Cope with stress in manager lifeBotek, Marek
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