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DateTitle Authors
2010 Neopatrimonialism in Latin America: Prospects and promises of a neglected conceptBechle, Karsten
2010 Verschiebung der globalen Machtverhältnisse durch den Aufstieg von Regionalen Führungsmächten: China, Indien, Brasilien und SüdafrikaKappel, Robert
2010 A regional power promoting democracy? India's involvement in Nepal (2005 - 2008)Destradi, Sandra
2010 Attitudes to chronic poverty in the 'global village'Barrientos, Armando / Neff, Daniel
2010 Asian economic integration and cooperation: Challenges and ways forward for pan-Asian regionalismRai, Durgesh K.
2010 Fuel for conflict or balm for peace? Assessing the effects of hydrocarbons on peace efforts in AlgeriaShabafrouz, Miriam
2010 Ethnic party bans in East Africa from a comparative perspectiveMoroff, Anika
2010 MDG achievements, determinants, and resource needs: What has been learnt?Lay, Jann
2010 From rivalry to mutual trust: The othering process between Bolivia and ChileWehner, Leslie
2010 Inclusive institutions and the onset of internal conflict in resource-rich countriesWegenast, Tim
2010 The formation of preferences in two-level games: An analysis of India's domestic and foreign energy policyBetz, Joachim / Hanif, Melanie
2010 Emerging non-OECD countries: Global shifts in power and geopolitical regionalizationScholvin, Sören
2010 Nigeria: A prime example of the resource curse? Revisiting the oil-violence link in the Niger DeltaMähler, Annegret
2010 Technological readiness in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications for EgyptBrach, Juliane
2010 Lessons to be learned: Political party research and political party assistanceErdmann, Gero
2010 Measuring geopolitical power in India: A review of the National Security Index (NSI)Hwang, Karl
2010 Assets, shocks, and poverty traps in rural MozambiqueGiesbert, Lena / Schindler, Kati
2010 The media activism of Latin America's leftist governments: Does ideology matter?Kitzberger, Philip
2010 India and the civil war in Sri Lanka: On the failures of regional conflict management in South AsiaDestradi, Sandra
2010 The resource curse and rentier states in the Caspian region: A need for context analysisMeissner, Hannes
2010 Measuring and comparing party ideology in nonindustrialized societies: Taking party manifesto research to AfricaElischer, Sebastian
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