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DateTitle Authors
2010 Measuring and comparing party ideology in nonindustrialized societies: Taking party manifesto research to AfricaElischer, Sebastian
2010 Democratization via elections in an African 'narco-state'? The case of Guinea-BissauKohnert, Dirk
2010 Oil and the eruption of the Algerian civil war: A context-sensitive analysis of the ambivalent impact of resource abundanceShabafrouz, Miriam
2010 On the economics of regional powers: Comparing China, India, Brazil, and South AfricaKappel, Robert
2010 'Dreams don't come true in Eritrea': Anomie and family disintegration due to the structural militarization of societyHirt, Nicole
2010 In search of legitimacy in post-revolutionary China: Bringing ideology and governance back inHolbig, Heike / Gilley, Bruce
2010 How signifying practices constitute food (in)security: The case of the Democratic People's Republic of KoreaShim, David
2010 ¿Es el crecimiento económico suficiente para apoyar la democracia? Lecciones del caso chilenoAravena Lavín, Pedro
2010 Religious peace activism: The rational element of religious elites' decision-making processesde Juan, Alexander / Vüllers, Johannes
2010 Representaciones de la violencia en la literatura centroamericanaHaas, Nadine
2010 Regional power shifts and climate knowledge systems: South Africa as a climate power?Never, Babette
2010 Regionale Ordnungen in politischen Räumen: Ein Beitrag zur Theorie regionaler OrdnungenGodehardt, Nadine / Lembcke, Oliver W.
2010 Contested leadership in international relations: Power politics in South America, South Asia and Sub-Saharan AfricaFlemes, Daniel / Wojczewski, Thorsten
2009 Global value chains, technology transfer and local firm upgrading in non-OECD countriesBrach, Juliane / Kappel, Robert
2009 Creating multilevel security governance in South AmericaFlemes, Daniel / Radseck, Michael
2009 Indian involvement in Afghanistan: Stepping stone or stumbling block to regional hegemony?Hanif, Melanie
2009 A shrimp amongst whales? Assessing South Korea's regional-power statusShim, David
2009 The resilience of authoritarian rule in Syria under Hafez and Bashar Al-AsadBüchs, Annette
2009 Ethnicity and party systems in francophone sub-Saharan AfricaBasedau, Matthias / Stroh, Alexander
2009 The culture of fear and control in Costa Rica (II): The talk of crime and social changesHuhn, Sebastian
2009 Contested cornerstones of nonviolent national self-perception in Costa Rica: A historical approachHuhn, Sebastian
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