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DateTitle Authors
2010 Measuring and comparing party ideology in nonindustrialized societies: Taking party manifesto research to AfricaElischer, Sebastian
2010 The resource curse and rentier states in the Caspian region: A need for context analysisMeissner, Hannes
2010 India and the civil war in Sri Lanka: On the failures of regional conflict management in South AsiaDestradi, Sandra
2010 The media activism of Latin America's leftist governments: Does ideology matter?Kitzberger, Philip
2010 Assets, shocks, and poverty traps in rural MozambiqueGiesbert, Lena / Schindler, Kati
2010 Measuring geopolitical power in India: A review of the National Security Index (NSI)Hwang, Karl
2010 Lessons to be learned: Political party research and political party assistanceErdmann, Gero
2010 Technological readiness in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications for EgyptBrach, Juliane
2010 Nigeria: A prime example of the resource curse? Revisiting the oil-violence link in the Niger DeltaMähler, Annegret
2010 Emerging non-OECD countries: Global shifts in power and geopolitical regionalizationScholvin, Sören
2010 The formation of preferences in two-level games: An analysis of India's domestic and foreign energy policyBetz, Joachim / Hanif, Melanie
2010 Inclusive institutions and the onset of internal conflict in resource-rich countriesWegenast, Tim
2010 From rivalry to mutual trust: The othering process between Bolivia and ChileWehner, Leslie
2010 MDG achievements, determinants, and resource needs: What has been learnt?Lay, Jann
2010 Ethnic party bans in East Africa from a comparative perspectiveMoroff, Anika
2010 Fuel for conflict or balm for peace? Assessing the effects of hydrocarbons on peace efforts in AlgeriaShabafrouz, Miriam
2010 Asian economic integration and cooperation: Challenges and ways forward for pan-Asian regionalismRai, Durgesh K.
2010 Attitudes to chronic poverty in the 'global village'Barrientos, Armando / Neff, Daniel
2010 A regional power promoting democracy? India's involvement in Nepal (2005 - 2008)Destradi, Sandra
2010 Verschiebung der globalen Machtverhältnisse durch den Aufstieg von Regionalen Führungsmächten: China, Indien, Brasilien und SüdafrikaKappel, Robert
2010 Neopatrimonialism in Latin America: Prospects and promises of a neglected conceptBechle, Karsten
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