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DateTitle Authors
2012 Do personal characteristics of finance ministers affect the development of public debt?Moessinger, Marc-Daniel
2012 Forward integration and market entry: Evidence from natural gas markets for household customers in GermanyNikogosian, Vigen / Weigand, Jürgen
2012 The minimum wage affects them all: Evidence on employment spillovers in the roofing sectorAretz, Bodo / Arntz, Melanie / Gregory, Terry
2012 Employment effects of regional climate policy: The case of renewable energy promotion by feed-in tariffsHeindl, Peter / Voigt, Sebastian
2012 Specific measures for older employees and late career employmentBoockmann, Bernhard / Fries, Jan / Göbel, Christian
2012 Financial intermediaries and emissions trading market development and pricing strategiesHeindl, Peter
2012 Centrality and content creation in networks: The case of German WikipediaKummer, Michael E. / Saam, Marianne / Halatchliyski, Iassen / Giorgidze, George
2012 Form follows function? Evidence on tax savings by multinational holding structuresDreßler, Daniel
2012 An integrated assessment model with endogenous growthHübler, Michael / Baumstark, Lavinia / Leimbach, Marian / Edenhofer, Ottmar / Bauer, Nico
2012 Der ZEW-ZEPHYR M&A-Index Deutschland: Determinanten und PrognoseNikogosian, Vigen
2012 Book-tax conformity: Empirical evidence from GermanyZinn, Benedikt / Spengel, Christoph
2012 Cartel overcharges and the deterrent effect of EU competition lawSmuda, Florian
2012 To raise or not to raise? Impact assessment of Russia's incremental gas price reformHeyndrickx, Christophe / Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria / Tourdyeva, Natalia
2012 Quantity or quality? Collaboration strategies in research and development and incentives to patentHottenrott, Hanna / Lopes-Bento, Cindy
2012 Research grants, sources of ideas and the effects on academic researchHottenrott, Hanna / Lawson, Cornelia
2012 Collaborative R&D as a strategy to attenuate financing constraintsCzarnitzki, Dirk / Hottenrott, Hanna
2012 Ex-post-Evaluierung der Fördermaßnahmen BioChance und BioChancePlus im Rahmen der Systemevaluierung "KMU-innovativ": Begleit- und Wirkungsforschung zur Hightech-StrategieLicht, Georg / Pfirrmann, Oliver / Strohmeyer, Robert / Heinrich, Stephan / Tonoyan, Vartuhi / Eckert, Thomas / Woywode, Michael / Crass, Dirk / Sellenthin, Mark O.
2012 Green innovations and organizational change: Making better use of environmental technologyHottenrott, Hanna / Rexhäuser, Sascha / Veugelers, Reinhilde
2012 Prices, debt and market structure in an agent-based model of the financial marketFischer, Thomas / Riedler, Jesper
2012 Factors influencing German house owners' preferences on energy retrofitsAchtnicht, Martin / Madlener, Reinhard
2012 Empirical evaluation of interest barrier effectsDreßler, Daniel / Scheuering, Uwe
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