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DateTitle Authors
2012 Transaction costs and tradable permits: Empirical evidence from the EU emissions trading schemeHeindl, Peter
2012 The interdependence of R&D activity and debt financing of young firmsFryges, Helmut / Kohn, Karsten / Ullrich, Katrin
2012 Selection bias in innovation studies: A simple testDe Rassenfosse, Gaétan / Wastyn, Annelies
2012 Awards at workNeckermann, Susanne / Cueni, Reto / Frey, Bruno S.
2012 Giving away the game? The impact of the disclosure effect on the patenting decisionHeger, Diana / Zaby, Alexandra K.
2012 Environmental innovation and employment dynamics in different technology fields: An analysis based on the German community innovation survey 2009Horbach, Jens / Rennings, Klaus
2012 Tax and the city: A theory of local tax competition and evidence for GermanyJaneba, Eckhard / Osterloh, Steffen
2012 Small firm innovation performance and employee involvementAndries, Petra / Czarnitzki, Dirk
2012 Peer effects and academics' industry involvement: The moderating role of age on professional imprintingAschhoff, Birgit / Grimpe, Christoph
2012 International trade and the adaptation to climate change and variabilityStephan, Gunter / Schenker, Oliver
2012 Designing emissions trading in practice general considerations and experiences from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)Heindl, Peter / Löschel, Andreas
2012 Substitution elasticities in a CES production framework: An empirical analysis on the basis of non-linear least squares estimationsKoesler, Simon / Schymura, Michael
2012 Schwerpunktbericht zur Innovationserhebung 2010: Management von Innovationsprojekten - Auswirkungen der WirtschaftskriseRammer, Christian
2012 Global energy trade flows and constraints on conventional and renewable energies: A computable modeling approachGrogro, Ole
2012 The role of investment banking for the German economy: Final report for Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/MainSchröder, Michael / Borell, Mariela / Gropp, Reint / Iliewa, Zwetelina / Jaroszek, Lena / Lang, Gunnar / Schmidt, Sandra / Trela, Karl
2012 Romania's development to a low-tax country: Effective corporate tax burden in Romania from 1992 to 2010 and Romania's current ranking among the eastern European member statesSpengel, Christoph / Lazar, Sebastian / Evers, Lisa / Zinn, Benedikt
2012 A gains from trade perspective on macroeconomic fluctuationsBeaudry, Paul / Portier, Franck
2012 Impatience among preschool children and their mothersKosse, Fabian / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2011 Innovationsverhalten der deutschen Wirtschaft: Indikatorenbericht zur Innovationserhebung 2010Rammer, Christian / Aschhoff, B. / Crass, Dirk / Doherr, Thorsten / Köhler, Christian / Peters, Bettina / Schubert, Torben / Schwiebacher, Franz
2011 Evaluation bestehender gesetzlicher Mindestlohnregelungen - Branche: Dachdeckerhandwerk (Aktenzeichen: Zb 1-04812-3/10d)Aretz, Bodo / Arntz, Melanie / Gottschalk, Sandra / Gregory, Terry / Niefert, Michaela / Rammer, Christian / Schröder, Helmut / Schütz, Holger / Goedecke, Jann / Skripalle, Christian
2011 Gemeinschaftsdiagnose Herbst 2011: Europäische Schuldenkrise belastet deutsche Konjunktur
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