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DateTitle Authors
2012 The effects of countercyclical fiscal policy: Firm-level evidence from temporary consumption tax cuts in TurkeyMisch, Florian / Seymen, Atılım
2012 Carbon management: Evidence from case studies of German firms under the EU ETSHeindl, Peter / Lutz, Benjamin
2012 Exposure to television and individual beliefs: Evidence from a natural experimentHennighausen, Tanja
2012 Public support for the European car industry: An integrated analysisGrigolon, Laura / Leheyda, Nina / Verboven, Frank
2012 Decentralizing university admission: Evidence from a natural experimentHorstschräer, Julia
2012 Market power, efficiencies, and entry: Evidence from an airline mergerHüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2012 The value of bluer skies: How much do consumers gain from entry by JetBlue Airways in long-haul US Airline Markets?Hüschelrath, Kai / Müller, Kathrin
2012 Estimating the wage premium of collective wage contracts: Evidence from longitudinal linked employer-employee dataGuertzgen, Nicole
2012 The value-added of sectoral disaggregation: Implications on competitive consequences of climate change policiesAlexeeva-Talebi, Victoria / Böhringer, Christoph / Löschel, Andreas / Voigt, Sebastian
2012 Cartel enforcement in the European Union: Determinants of the duration of investigationsHüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich / Smuda, Florian
2012 Auswirkungen des gesetzlichen Mindestlohnes auf die Beschäftigung und den Arbeitnehmerschutz in der AbfallwirtschaftGuertzgen, Nicole / Sprietsma, Maresa / Niefert, Michaela / Gottschalk, Sandra
2012 How relevant is job mismatch for German graduates?Berlingieri, Francesco / Erdsiek, Daniel
2012 Buyer power and suppliers' incentives to innovateKöhler, Christian / Rammer, Christian
2012 Der Mindestlohn im Dachdeckerhandwerk: Auswirkungen auf Beschäftigung, Arbeitnehmerschutz und WettbewerbAretz, Bodo / Arntz, Melanie / Gregory, Terry / Rammer, Christian
2012 The EU decarbonisation roadmap 2050: What way to walk?Hübler, Michael / Löschel, Andreas
2012 Lead markets for clean coal technologies: A case study for China, Germany, Japan and the USAHorbach, Jens / Chen, Qian / Rennings, Klaus / Vögele, Stefan
2012 Terms-of-trade and the funding of adaptation to climate change and variability: An empirical analysisSchenker, Oliver / Stephan, Gunter
2012 Airline alliances, antitrust immunity and market foreclosureBilotkach, Volodymyr / Hüschelrath, Kai
2012 Mitigating market power under tradeable permitsHeindl, Peter
2012 Debt rule federalism: The case of GermanyCiaglia, Sarah / Heinemann, Friedrich
2012 Do personal characteristics of finance ministers affect the development of public debt?Moessinger, Marc-Daniel
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