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DateTitle Authors
2015 A note on how to realize the full potential of the EU-SILC dataBerger, Melissa / Schaffner, Sandra
2015 Final report on marginal abatement cost curves for the evaluation of the market stability reserveLandis, Florian
2015 The impact of alternative public policies on the deployment of new communications infrastructure: A surveyBriglauer, Wolfgang / Frübing, Stefan / Vogelsang, Ingo
2015 How do drug prices respond to a change from external to internal reference pricing? Evidence from a Danish regulatory reformKaiser, Ulrich / Mendez, Susan J.
2015 Individual determinants of inventor productivity: Report and preliminary results with evidence from linked human capital and patent dataFrosch, Katharina / Harhoff, Dietmar / Hoisl, Karin / Steinle, Christian / Zwick, Thomas
2015 Candidate screening for the recruitment of critical research and development workers: A report and preliminary results with evidence from experimental data from German high-tech firmsFrosch, Katharina / Harhoff, Dietmar / Hoisl, Karin / Steinle, Christian / Zwick, Thomas
2014 Haircut size, haircut type and the probability of serial sovereign debt restructuringsSchröder, Christoph
2014 The sorting of female careers after first birth: A competing risks analysis of maternity leave durationArntz, Melanie / Dlugosz, Stephan / Wilke, Ralf A.
2014 The identification of directed technical change revisitedSaam, Marianne
2014 What drives the demand of monetary financial institutions for domestic government bonds? Empirical evidence on the impact of Basel II and Basel IIILang, Michael / Schröder, Michael
2014 The impact of brand use on innovation performance: Empirical results for GermanyCrass, Dirk
2014 Real-time macro monitoring and fiscal policyLey, Eduardo / Misch, Florian
2014 Registered cartels in Austria: Coding protocolFink, Nikolaus / Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp / Stahl, Konrad O. / Zulehner, Christine
2014 Which firms use trademarks - and why? Representative firm-level evidence from GermanyCrass, Dirk
2014 Intangible assets and firm-level productivityCrass, Dirk / Peters, Bettina
2014 Multidimensional affluence in income and wealth in the eurozone: A cross country comparison using the HFCSKontbay-Busun, Sine / Peichl, Andreas
2014 ICT and economic growth: Comparing developing, emerging and developed countriesNiebel, Thomas
2014 On the effects of unilateral environmental policy on offshoring in multi-stage production processesSchenker, Oliver / Koesler, Simon / Löschel, Andreas
2014 Age and skill bias of trade liberalisation? Heterogeneous employment effects of EU Eastern EnlargementFries, Jan
2014 Effective tax rates under IP tax planningEvers, Lisa / Spengel, Christoph
2014 Overleveraging, financial fragility and the banking-macro link: Theory and empirical evidenceMittnik, Stefan / Semmler, Willi
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