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DateTitle Authors
2012 Improved cooking stoves that end up in smoke?Grimm, Michael / Peters, Jörg
2012 Bedeutung der Krankenhäuser in privater TrägerschaftAugurzky, Boris / Beivers, Andreas / Gülker, Rosemarie
2012 Die volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung der StahlindustrieDöhrn, Roland / Janßen-Timmen, Ronald
2012 Tourismus im Ruhrgebiet: Chancen für kleine Unternehmen?Neumann, Uwe / Trettin, Lutz / Zakrzewski, Guido
2012 Schwache Auslandsnachfrage dämpft Konjunktur: Konjunkturbericht Nordrhein-Westfalen 2012Döhrn, Roland / Kitlinski, Tobias / Vosen, Simeon
2012 Privately owned hospitalsAugurzky, Boris / Beivers, Andreas / Gülker, Rosemarie
2012 Call Me if You Can – An Experimental Investigation of Information Sharing in Knowledge NetworksHelbach, Christoph / Keldenich, Klemens / Rothgang, Michael / Yang, Guanzhong
2012 The Interplay of Standardized Tests and Incentives – An Econometric Analysis with Data from PISA 2000 and PISA 2009Helbach, Christoph
2012 The Dynamics of Assortative Mating in GermanyGrave, Barbara S. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2012 The Credibility of Monetary Policy Announcements – Empirical Evidence for OECD Countries since the 1960sBelke, Ansgar / Freytag, Andreas / Keil, Jonas / Friedrich Schneider
2012 Empirical Evidence on the Generalized Taylor PrincipleJovanovic, Mario
2012 P4P, Reputation and the Reduction of Costly OverprovisionKairies, Nadja
2012 Time is Money – The Influence of Parenthood Timing on WagesKind, Michael / Kleibrink, Jan
2012 Does Capability Deprivation Hurt? – Evidence from German Panel DataSuppa, Nicolai
2012 Do Wealthier Households Save More? – The Impact of the Demographic FactorBelke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian / Ochmann, Richard
2012 Time vs. Money – The Supply of Voluntary Labor and Charitable Donations across EuropeBauer, Thomas K. / Bredtmann, Julia / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2012 The Relationship between Quality and Hospital Case Volume – An Empirical Examination with German DataHentschker, Corinna / Mennicken, Roman
2012 In Search for a Credit Crunch in GermanySchmidt, Torsten / Zwick, Lina
2012 Exploring the Capability to Backward Induct – An Experimental Study with Children and Young AdultsBrosig-Koch, Jeannette / Heinrich, Timo / Helbach, Christoph
2012 Modifying Taylor Reaction Functions in Presence of the Zero-Lower-Bound – Evidence for the ECB and the FedBelke, Ansgar / Klose, Jens
2012 Item Nonresponse in Wages: Testing for Biased Estimates in Wage EquationsFertig, Michael / Görlitz, Katja
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