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DateTitle Authors
2014 How do consumers choose health insurance? An experiment on heterogeneity in attribute tastes and risk preferencesKairies-Schwarz, Nadja / Kokot, Johanna / Vomhof, Markus / Wessling, Jens
2014 Small cash rewards for big losers: Experimental insights into the fight against the obesity epidemicAugurzky, Boris / Bauer, Thomas K. / Reichert, Arndt R. / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Tauchmann, Harald
2014 Teuer und ineffizient: Die Emissionsminderung der EUFrondel, Manuel
2014 Mit Helikopter und Telemedizin: Für eine Notfallversorgung der ZukunftAugurzky, Boris / Beivers, Andreas / Straub, Niels
2014 Krankenhausplanung 2.0: Endbericht zum Forschungsvorhaben des Verbandes der Ersatzkassen e. V. (vdek)Augurzky, Boris / Beivers, Andreas / Straub, Niels / Veltkamp, Caroline
2014 Consistent subsets: Computationally feasible methods to compute the Houtman-Maks-indexHeufer, Jan / Hjertstrand, Per
2014 Is the German retail gas market competitive? A spatial-temporal analysis using quantile regressionKihm, Alex / Ritter, Nolan / Vance, Colin
2014 Sorting into physician payment schemes: A laboratory experimentBrosig-Koch, Jeannette / Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja / Kokot, Johanna
2014 Choice of received long-term care: Individual responses to regional nursing home provisionsPilny, Adam / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2014 The determinants of equity transmission between the new and used car markets: A hedonic analysisKihm, Alex / Vance, Colin
2014 Revenue maximizing head starts in contestsFranke, Jörg / Leininger, Wolfgang / Wasser, Cédric
2014 Do macroeconomic shocks affect intuitive inflation forecasting? An experimental investigationDeversi, Marvin
2014 Environmental management systems: Does certification pay?Frondel, Manuel / Krätschell, Karoline / Zwick, Lina
2014 Mergers and acquisitions in the German hospital market: Who are the targets?Pilny, Adam
2014 Sick of your job? Negative health effects from non-optimal employmentKleibrink, Jan
2014 Selective-referral and unobserved patient heterogeneity: Bias in the volume-outcome relationshipHentschker, Corinna / Mennicken, Roman
2014 Long-term care insurance and carers' labor supply: A structural modelGeyer, Johannes / Korfhage, Thorben
2014 Border effects in house pricesMicheli, Martin / Rouwendal, Jan / Dekkers, Jasper
2014 Are Armington elasticities different across countries and sectors? A European studyOlekseyuk, Zoryana / Schürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2014 A nonparametric partially identified estimator for equivalence scalesDudel, Christian
2014 Explaining differentials in subsidy levels among hospital ownership types in GermanyPilny, Adam
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