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DateTitle Authors
2011 Related variety, unrelated variety and regional functions: Identifying sources of regional employment growth in Germany from 2003 to 2008Brachert, Matthias / Kubis, Alexander / Titze, Mirko
2011 Macroeconomic imbalances as indicators for debt crises in EuropeKnedlik, Tobias / von Schweinitz, Gregor
2011 An economic life in vain: Path dependence and East Germany's pre- and post-unification economic stagnationBlum, Ulrich
2011 Exploring the economic convergence in the EU new member states by using nonparametric modelsRaileanu Szeles, Monica
2011 The political setting of social security contributions in Europe in the business cyclePusch, Toralf / Kumpmann, Ingmar
2011 Can Korea learn from German unification?Blum, Ulrich
2011 The quantity theory revisited: A new structural approachel-Shagi, Makram / Giesen, Sebastian / Kelly, Logan J.
2011 The financial crisis from a forecaster's perspectiveDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
2011 Fiscal spending multiplier calculations based on input-output tables - with an application to EU mmbersPusch, Toralf / Rannenberg, Ansgar
2011 Factor content of intra-European trade flowsZeddies, Götz
2010 Transport costs and the size distribution of a linearly arranged system of citiesKauffmann, Albrecht
2010 Testing for structural breaks at unknown time: A steeplechaseEl-Shagi, Makram / Giesen, Sebastian
2010 Regional entrepreneurial opportunities in the biotech industry: Exploring the transition from award-winning nascent entrepreneurs to real start-upsWolf, Harald / Michelsen, Claus / Schwartz, Michael
2010 State aid in the enlarged European Union: An overviewHölscher, Jens / Nulsch, Nicole / Stephan, Johannes
2010 Determinanten der Vernetzung von Unternehmen der deutschen Photovoltaik-IndustrieHornych, Christoph / Brachert, Matthias
2010 Governmental learning as a determinant of economic growthGruésevaja, Marina
2010 Why are East Germans not more mobile? Analyzing the impact of social ties on regional migrationBönisch, Peter / Schneider, Lutz
2010 Selektivität, soziale Bindung und räumliche Mobilität: Eine Analyse der Rückkehrpräferenz für OstdeutschlandSchneider, Lutz / Kubis, Alexander / Wiest, Delia
2010 Has the Euro increased international price elasticities?Holtemöller, Oliver / Zeddies, Götz
2010 Sharing competences: The impact of local institutional settings on voter turnoutMichelsen, Claus / Bönisch, Peter / Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.
2010 Analyzing innovation drivers in the German laser industry: The role of positioning in the social and geographical spaceKudic, Muhamed / Bönisch, Peter / Dominguez Lacasa, Iciar
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