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DateTitle Authors
2012 Long-distance moves and labour market outcomes of dual-earner couples in the UK and GermanyLersch, Philipp M.
2012 Convergence or divergence? Immigrant wage assimilation patterns in GermanyZibrowius, Michael
2012 The returns to education for opportunity entrepreneurs, necessity entrepreneurs, and paid employeesFossen, Frank M. / Büttner, Tobias J. M.
2012 An early warning system to predict the speculative house price bubblesDreger, Christian / Kholodilin, Konstantin A.
2012 Estimating heterogeneous returns to education in Germany via conditional heteroskedasticitySaniter, Nils
2012 A citation-analysis of economic research institutesKetzler, Rolf / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 The returns to education for opportunity entrepreneurs, necessity entrepreneurs, and paid employeesFossen, Frank M. / Büttner, Tobias J. M.
2012 Codebook for the $PEQUIV file 1984-2011: CNEF variables with extended income information for the SOEPGrabka, Markus M.
2012 Freizeitstress: Wenn die Arbeit ständig ruftSchult, Mandy / Tobsch, Verena
2012 Flexible work time in Germany: Do workers like it and how have employers exploited it over the cycle?Hunt, Jennifer
2012 The effect of unemployment on the mental health of spouses: Evidence from plant closures in GermanyMarcus, Jan
2012 The impact of social support networks on maternal employment: A comparison of West German, East German and migrant mothers of pre-school childrenWagner, Mareike
2012 Wie viele Leiharbeitskräfte gibt es? Zur Vergleichbarkeit der Fallzahlen bei Leiharbeit zwischen SOEP und ANÜSTATSchlese, Michael
2012 Who leaves and when? Selective outmigration of immigrants from GermanyKuhlenkasper, Torben / Steinhardt, Max Friedrich
2012 Education, personality and separation: The distribution of relationship skills across societyBoertien, Diederik / von Scheve, Christian / Park, Mona
2012 Panel conditioning and self-reported satisfaction: Evidence from international panel data and repeated cross-sectionsVan Landeghem, Bert
2012 Gender differences in residential mobility: The case of leaving home in East GermanyGeissler, Ferdinand / Leopold, Thomas / Pink, Sebastian
2012 Unemployment and smoking: Causation, selection, or common cause? Evidence from longitudinal dataSchunck, Reinhard / Rogge, Benedikt G.
2012 Parent transmit happiness along with associated values and behaviors to their children: A lifelong happiness divided?Headey, Bruce / Muffels, Ruud / Wagner, Gert G.
2012 Does euro area membership affect the relation between GDP growth and public debt?Dreger, Christian / Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2012 Documentation of sample sizes and panel attrition in the German Socio Economic Panel (SOEP) (1984 until 2011)Kroh, Martin
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