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DateTitle Authors
Feb-2015 How Learning a Musical Instrument Affects the Development of SkillsHille, Adrian / Schupp, Jürgen
2015 Market power rents and climate change mitigation: A rationale for coal taxes?Richter, Philipp M. / Mendelevitch, Roman / Jotzo, Frank
2015 Optimal social assistance and unemployment insurance in a life-cycle model of family labor supply and savingsHaan, Peter / Prowse, Victoria
2015 Modelling a market stability reserve in carbon marketsSchopp, Anne / Acworth, William / Huppmann, Daniel / Neuhoff, Karsten
2015 Finding your right (or left) partner to mergeBruns, Benjamin / Freier, Ronny / Schumann, Abel
2015 War, housing rents, and free market: A case of Berlin's rental housing market during the World War IKholodilin, Konstantin A.
2015 Work creation and rearmament in Germany 1933-1938: A revisionist assessment of NS-economic policy based on input-output analysisFremdling, Rainer / Stäglin, Reiner
2015 An economic assessment of soil carbon sequestration with biochar in GermanyTeichmann, Isabel
2015 An exact solution method for binary equilibrium problems with compensation and the power market uplift problemHuppmann, Daniel / Siddiqui, Sauleh
2015 Euro area government bonds: Integration and fragmentation during the sovereign debt crisisEhrmann, Michael / Fratzscher, Marcel
2015 A profit-maximizing approach for transmission expansion planning using a revenue-cap incentive mechanismHesamzadeh, Mohammad Reza / Rosellon, Juan / Gabriel, Steven A.
2015 How has the global financial crisis affected syndicated loan terms in emerging markets? Evidence from ChinaCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Lodh, Suman / Nandy, Monomita
2015 The potential of electromobility in Austria: An analysis based on hybrid choice modelsBahamonde-Birke, Francisco J. / Hanappi, Tibor
2015 About attitudes and perceptions: Finding the proper way to consider latent variables in discrete choice modelsBahamonde-Birke, Francisco J. / Kunert, Uwe / Link, Heike / de Dios Ortúzar, Juan
2015 Internationale Verflechtung der Finanzmärkte: Ein Versuch zur Quantifizierung des Dominoeffekts in Anlehnung an die Input-Output-AnalyseSchumacher, Dieter
2015 Determinants of Chinese direct investments in the European UnionDreger, Christian / Schüler-Zhou, Yun / Schüller, Margot
2015 Distributional and behavioral effects of the gender wage gapGallego-Granados, Patricia / Geyer, Johannes
2015 Distributional and behavioral effects of the gender wage gapGallego-Granados, Patricia / Geyer, Johannes
2015 Estimating benefits from regional amenities: Internal migration and life satisfactionFaßhauer, Angela / Rehdanz, Katrin
2015 How job changes affect people's lives: Evidence from subjective well-being dataChadi, Adrian / Hetschkeo, Clemens
2015 Compulsory military service and personality developmentSchult, Johannes / Sparfeldt, Jörn R.
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