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DateTitle Authors
2008 Putting the record straight: industrial relations and the employment relationshipSisson, Keith
2008 The role of trade unions in the implementation of autonomous framework agreementsNiforou, Christina
2008 Legal regulation, institutions and industrial relationsDickens, Linda
2009 Ireland, the United Kingdom and the legal and voluntary framework for disputeMulvey, Kieran
2009 Court in a trap? Legal mobilisation by trade unions in the United KingdomColling, Trevor
2010 Why employment relations matterSisson, Keith
2010 The labour market and employment relations beyond the recessionLambert, Richard
2010 Internal marketisation: between redefinition and erosion of 'social ties that bine' at company levelBecke, Guido
2011 Understanding the crisis: can we move from austerity to prosperity?Barber, Brendan
2012 The limits and possibilities of employee engagementPurcell, John
2013 The workplace in transition: A decade of change and challengeTaylor, John
2014 Relevance of the ILO in the twenty-first centuryRyder, Guy
2014 Were the 40 years of "radical pluralism" a waste of time? A response to Peter Ackers and Patrick McGovernEdwards, Paul
2015 Workplace union representation in the British public sector: Evidence from the 2011 Workplace Employment Relations SurveyHoque, Kim / Bacon, Nick
2015 Social Europe: Yesterday, today and tomorrowS├ęgol, Bernadette