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DateTitle Authors
2008 Community development venture capital: concept and status quo in GermanyAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Braun, Reiner / Bender, Marko / Geidner, Annabell
2008 Equilibrium security prices with capital income taxes and an exogenous interest rateRapp, Marc Steffen / Schwetzler, Bernhard
2008 Private equity minority investments in large family firms: what influences the attitude of family firm owners?Achleitner, Ann-Kristin / Schraml, Stephanie / Tappeiner, Florian
2008 Economic consequences of private equity investments on the German stock marketAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Andres, Christian / Betzer, André / Weir, Charlie
2008 The impact of order size on stock liquidity: a representative studyStange, Sebastian / Kaserer, Christoph
2008 Do corporate governance motives drive hedge funds and private equity activities?Achleitner, Ann-Kristin / Betzer, André / Gider, Jasmin
2008 Linking credit risk premia to the equity premiumBerg, Tobias / Kaserer, Christoph
2008 Why and how to integrate liquidity risk into a VaR-frameworkStange, Sebastian / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Capital structure decisions in family firms: empirical evidence from a bank-based economyAmpenberger, Markus / Schmid, Thomas / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Risk premia in electricity wholesale spot markets: empirical evidence from GermanyPietz, Matthäus
2009 Risk premia in the German electricity futures marketPietz, Matthäus
2009 Influence of internal factors on the use of equity- and mezzanine-based financing in family firmsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Lutz, Eva / Schraml, Stephanie
2009 Aktienbasierte Langfristanreize im Rahmen der Vorstandsverguetung: Evidenz auf Basis Deutscher Prime Standard UnternehmenRapp, Marc Steffen / Schaller, Philipp / Wolff, Michael
2009 The impact of managerial ownership, monitoring and accounting standard choice on accrual mispricingGegenfurtner, Bernhard / Ampenberger, Markus / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Market liquidity risk: an overviewStange, Sebastian / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Measuring market liquidity risk - which model works best?Ernst, Cornelia / Stange, Sebastian / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 International financial reporting standards and earnings Quality: the myth of voluntary vs. mandatory adoptionGünther, Nina / Gegenfurtner, Bernhard / Kaserer, Christoph / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2009 Patterns in spatial proximity between venture capital investors and investees in Germany: an empirical analysisBender, Marko / Lutz, Eva
2009 Goal structures in family firms: empirical evidence on the relationship between firm and family goalsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Braun, Reiner / Schraml, Stephanie / Welter, Juliane
2009 Net asset value discounts in listed private equity fundsLahr, Henry / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Angels or demons? Evidence on the impact of private equity firms on employmentNathusius, Eva / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
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