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DateTitle Authors
2012 Do investors value cash flow stability of listed infrastructure funds?Bitsch, Florian
2011 Risikofaktoren und Multifaktormodelle für den Deutschen Aktienmarkt (Risk Factors and Multi-Factor Models for the German Stock Market)Hanauer, Matthias / Kaserer, Christoph / Rapp, Marc Steffen
2011 The capital gains tax: A curse but also a blessing for venture capital investmentAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Bock, Carolin / Watzinger, Martin
2011 Disentangeling gut feeling: Assessing the integrity of social entrepreneursAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Lutz, Eva / Mayer, Judith / Spiess-Knafl, Wolfgang
2011 Modeling electricity spot prices - Combining mean-reversion, spikes and stochastic volatilityMayer, Klaus / Schmid, Thomas / Weber, Florian
2010 Determinants of director compensation in two-tier systems: evidence from German panel dataAndreas, Jörn Michael / Rapp, Marc Steffen / Wolff, Michael
2010 Determinanten der Vorstandsvergütung: Eine empirische Untersuchung der deutschen Prime-Standard-UnternehmenRapp, Marc Steffen / Wolff, Michael
2010 Simulation-based valuation of project finance: does model complexity really matter?Weber, Florian / Schmid, Thomas / Pietz, Matthäus / Kaserer, Christoph
2010 DAXplus family: Ein Aktienindex zur Darstellung der Performance von FamilienunternehmenAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Kaserer, Christoph / Kauf, Tobias / Volk, Sarah
2010 Loss of control vs. risk reduction: decision factors for hiring non-family CFOs in family firmsLutz, Eva / Schraml, Stephanie / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2010 Information asymmetries and the value-relevance of cash flow and accounting figures: empirical analysis and implications for managerial accountingRapp, Marc Steffen
2010 Controlling shareholders and payout policy: do founding families have a special 'taste for dividends'?Schmid, Thomas / Ampenberger, Markus / Kaserer, Christoph / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2010 Considering the shareholder perspective: value-based management systems and stock market performanceRapp, Marc Steffen / Schellong, Daniel A. / Schmidt, Maximilian / Wolff, Michael
2010 Geographic location of a new venture and the likelihood of a venture capital investmentAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Bender, Marko / Kaserer, Christoph / Lutz, Eva
2009 The German entrepreneurial index (GEX®): a primer on an ownership-based style index in GermanyAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Kaserer, Christoph / Ampenberger, Markus / Bitsch, Florian
2009 Structure and determinants of financial covenants in leveraged buyouts - evidence from an economy with strong creditor rightsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Braun, Reiner / Tappeiner, Florian
2009 Angels or demons? Evidence on the impact of private equity firms on employmentNathusius, Eva / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2009 Net asset value discounts in listed private equity fundsLahr, Henry / Kaserer, Christoph
2009 Goal structures in family firms: empirical evidence on the relationship between firm and family goalsAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Braun, Reiner / Schraml, Stephanie / Welter, Juliane
2009 Patterns in spatial proximity between venture capital investors and investees in Germany: an empirical analysisBender, Marko / Lutz, Eva
2009 International financial reporting standards and earnings Quality: the myth of voluntary vs. mandatory adoptionGünther, Nina / Gegenfurtner, Bernhard / Kaserer, Christoph / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
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