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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2011 (Berlin)

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DateTitle Authors
2011 Allocating Cash Savings and the Role of Information: Evidence from a Field Experiment in UgandaBuehren, Niklas
2011 Are Uzbeks Better Off? Economic Welfare and Ethnicity in KyrgyzstanSteiner, Susan / Esenaliev, Damir
2011 Mobiles and mobility: The Effect of Mobile Phones on Migration in NigerAker, Jenny C. / Clemens, Michael A. / Ksoll, Christopher
2011 Preferential vs. Full Trade Liberalisation: A Dynamic CGE Model with Heterogeneous Households for JordanFeraboli, Omar
2011 Saving, Microinsurance: Why You Should Do Both or Nothing. A Behavioral Experiment on the PhilippinesLandmann, Andreas / Vollan, Björn / Frölich, Markus
2011 Does Aid translate into Bilateral Trade? Findings for Recipient CountriesNowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Cardozo, Adriana / Herzer, Dierk / Klasen, Stephan
2011 The Willingness to Pay for Environmental Protection: Are Developing Economies Different?Dorsch, Michael
2011 Smallholder Farmers and Collective Action: What Determines the Intensity of Participation?Fischer, Elisabeth / Qaim, Matin
2011 Trade Persistence and the Limits of Trade AgreementsMoelders, Florian
2011 Risk attitude and risk behavior: Comparing Thailand and VietnamGloede, Oliver / Menkhoff, Lukas / Waibel, Hermann
2011 Representation of property rights and credit market outcomes: Evidence from a land reform in VietnamKemper, Niels / Klump, Rainer / Schumacher, Heiner
2011 Can political reservations affect political equilibria in the long-term? Evidence from local elections in rural IndiaNagarajan, Hari K. / Deininger, Klaus / Jin, Songqing
2011 Does the Rotten Child Spoil His Companion? Spatial Peer Effects Among Children in Rural IndiaHelmers, Christian / Patnam, Manasa
2011 The First Born BurdenTsukada, Raquel
2011 Bullet Proof? Program Evaluation in Conflict Areas: Evidence from Rural ColombiaWald, Nina / Bozzoli, Carlos
2011 The impact of inter-group relationships on intra-group cooperation. A case study in rural India.Girard, Victoire
2011 Benefit Generosity and the Income Effect on Labor Supply: Quasi-Experimental EvidenceDanzer, Alexander M.
2011 The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies - Evidence from a New IndexCho, Seo-Young / Dreher, Axel / Neumayer, Eric
2011 Reexamining the link between gender and corruption: The role of social institutionsBranisa, Boris / Ziegler, Maria
2011 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Latin America: Is Schumpeter Right?Bittencourt, Manoel
2011 Drivers of female labour force participation in urban India during India's Economic BoomPieters, Janneke / Klasen, Stephan
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