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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2011 (Berlin)

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DateTitle Authors
2011 Allocating Cash Savings and the Role of Information: Evidence from a Field Experiment in UgandaBuehren, Niklas
2011 The Business of Development: Trends in Lending by Multilateral Development Banks to Latin America, 1980-2009Michaelowa, Katharina / Humphrey, Chris
2011 The Double African Paradox: What does selective mortality tell us?Rouanet, Léa
2011 Direct and Indirect Determinants of Obesity: The Case of IndonesiaRömling, Cornelia / Qaim, Matin
2011 Democratic Institutions and Environmental Quality: Effects and Transmission ChannelsKinda, Somlanare Romuald
2011 Imported intermediary inputs, R&D and Firm's Productivity: Evidence from Indian ManufacturingSharma, Chandan
2011 HIV/AIDS as a Fiscal LiabilityHaacker, Markus
2011 Markets and JunglesGall, Thomas / Masella, Paolo
2011 Long-run consequences of natural disasters: Evidence from TangshanXu, Guo
2011 Do financial reforms complementarity and reforms sequence matter for international capital inflows?Bicaba, Zorobabel T.
2011 Of Donor Coordination, Free-Riding, Darlings, and Orphans: The dependence of bilateral aid commitments on other bilateral givingKlasen, Stephan / Davies, Ronald B.
2011 Aiming high, falling short: the Least Developed Country (LDC) category at 40Fialho, Djalita
2011 Regional Financial Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa - An Empirical Examination of its Effects on Financial Market DevelopmentFrey, Leo / Volz, Ulrich
2011 Do Natural Resource Revenues Hinder Financial Development? The Role of Political InstitutionsBhattacharyya, Sambit / Hodler, Roland
2011 Distributive Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on the "Small Trading Partners": Mercosur and the case of Uruguay and ParaguayBorraz, Fernando / Rossi, Máximo / Ferrés, Daniel
2011 Market imperfections and child laborDumas, Christelle
2011 Spillover and Competition Effects: Evidence from the Sub-Saharan African Banking SectorPohl, Birte
2011 Religiosity as a determinant of happinessOpfinger, Matthias / Gundlach, Erich
2011 Funding, Competition and the Efficiency of NGOs: An Empirical Analysis of Non-charitable Expenditure of US NGOs Engaged in Foreign AidÖhler, Hannes / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2011 Modern Day Slavery: What Drives Human Trafficking in Europe?Hernandez, Diego / Rudolph, Alexandra
2011 Does the Rotten Child Spoil His Companion? Spatial Peer Effects Among Children in Rural IndiaHelmers, Christian / Patnam, Manasa
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