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DateTitle Authors
2012 Domestic security in the Maghreb: Deficits and counter-measuresMattes, Hanspeter
2012 Credit-constrained in risky activities? The determinants of the capital stocks of micro and small firms in Western AfricaGrimm, Michael / Lange, Simon / Lay, Jann
2012 Democratizing resource governance through prior consultations? Lessons from Bolivia's hydrocarbon sectorSchilling-Vacaflor, Almut
2011 Perceptions of (micro)insurance in Southern Ghana: The role of information and peer effectsGiesbert, Lena / Steiner, Susan
2011 The international dimensions of authoritarian legitimation: The impact of regime evolutionHoffmann, Bert
2011 Turning legal pluralism into state-sanctioned law: Assessing the implications of the new constitutions and laws in Bolivia and EcuadorBarrera, Anna
2011 Fighting for a kingdom of god? The role of religion in the Ivorian crisisVüllers, Johannes
2011 The G20: Engine of Asian regionalism?Dobson, Hugo
2011 How neopatrimonialism affects tax administration: A comparative study of three world regionsvon Soest, Christian / Bechle, Karsten / Korte, Nina
2011 Who drives change? Comparing the evolution of domestic climate governance in India and South AfricaNever, Babette
2011 Managing ethnic conflict: The menu of institutional engineeringBasedau, Matthias
2011 Burma's transition to "disciplined democracy": Abdication or institutionalization of military rule?Bünte, Marco
2011 State-building, war and violence: Evidence from Latin AmericaKurtenbach, Sabine
2011 Negotiating political spaces: Social and environmental activism in the Chinese countrysideBondes, Maria
2011 Chinese commodity imports in Ghana and Senegal: Demystifying Chinese business strength in urban West AfricaMarfaing, Laurence / Thiel, Alena
2011 Revisiting the resource-conflict link: A systematic comparative test of causal mechanisms in four major oil-exporting countriesBasedau, Matthias / Mähler, Annegret / Shabafrouz, Miriam
2011 Spillover and competition effects: Evidence from the sub-Saharan African banking sectorPohl, Birte
2011 It's not only rents: Explaining the persistence and change of neopatrimonialism in IndonesiaKorte, Nina
2011 Civil society 2.0? How the internet changes state-society relations in authoritarian regimes: the case of CubaHoffmann, Bert
2011 North Korea and the politics of visual representationShim, David / Nabers, Dirk
2011 Conflict prevention through natural resource management? A comparative studyMähler, Annegret / Shabafrouz, Miriam / Strüver, Georg
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