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DateTitle Authors
2011 Civil society 2.0? How the internet changes state-society relations in authoritarian regimes: the case of CubaHoffmann, Bert
2011 North Korea and the politics of visual representationShim, David / Nabers, Dirk
2011 Conflict prevention through natural resource management? A comparative studyMähler, Annegret / Shabafrouz, Miriam / Strüver, Georg
2011 Security policies of India, Brazil and South Africa: Regional security contexts as constraints for a common agendaFlemes, Daniel / Costa Vaz, Alcides
2011 The end of the 'liberal theory of history'? Dissecting the U.S. congress' discourse on China's currency policyNymalm, Nicola
2011 Transition from democracy: Loss of quality, hybridisation and breakdown of democracyErdmann, Gero
2011 Cutting bread or cutting throats? Findings from a new database on religion, violence and peace in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990 to 2008Basedau, Matthias / Strüver, Georg / Vüllers, Johannes
2011 Why do some oil exporters experience civil war but others do not? A qualitative comparative analysis of net oil-exporting countriesBasedau, Matthias / Richter, Thomas
2011 Fragile states, robust structures: Illegal police protection in Buenos AiresDewey, Matías
2011 Do religious factors impact armed conflict? Empirical evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaBasedau, Matthias / Strüver, Georg / Vüllers, Johannes / Wegenast, Tim
2011 Can historical institutionalism be applied to political regime development in Africa?Erdmann, Gero / Elischer, Sebastian / Stroh, Alexander
2011 Religiosity as a determinant of happinessGundlach, Erich / Opfinger, Matthias
2011 Ex oleo bellare? The impact of oil on the outbreak of militarized interstate disputesStrüver, Georg / Wegenast, Tim
2010 Private security in Guatemala: The pathway to its proliferationArgueta, Otto
2010 When do autocracies start to liberalize foreign trade? Evidence from four cases in the Arab worldRichter, Thomas
2010 Too many resources or too few? What drives international conflicts?Strüver, Georg
2010 Bolivia's new constitution: Towards participatory democracy and political pluralism?Schilling-Vacaflor, Almut
2010 Are the Chinese in Africa more innovative than the Africans? Comparing Chinese and Nigerian entrepreneurial migrants' cultures of innovationKohnert, Dirk
2010 Neopatrimonialism in Latin America: Prospects and promises of a neglected conceptBechle, Karsten
2010 Verschiebung der globalen Machtverhältnisse durch den Aufstieg von Regionalen Führungsmächten: China, Indien, Brasilien und SüdafrikaKappel, Robert
2010 A regional power promoting democracy? India's involvement in Nepal (2005 - 2008)Destradi, Sandra
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