GIGA Working Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The consequences of appointment policies for court legitimacy in Benin: A network analysis approachStroh, Alexander
2016 Institutionalising civilian control of the military in new democracies: Theory and evidence from South KoreaKuehn, David
2016 Die regionalen Ambitionen Marokkos in Westafrika: Strategie - Aktivitäten - ErfolgsbilanzMattes, Hanspeter
2016 International alignment between interests and ideology: The case of China's partnership diplomacyStrüver, Georg
2015 State extraction and anti-colonial rebellion: Quantitative evidence from the former German East Africade Juan, Alexander
2015 Authoritarian regime learning: Comparative insights from the Arab uprisingsBank, André; Edel, Mirjam
2015 What do we know about sexual violence in armed conflicts? Recent empirical progress and remaining gaps in peace and conflict researchKoos, Carlo
2015 Electoral rentierism? The cross-national and subnational effect of oil on electoral competitiveness in multiparty autocraciesWahman, Michael; Basedau, Matthias
2015 Regime type, inequality, and redistributive transfers in developing countriesDodlova, Marina; Giolbas, Anna
2014 Too abstract to be feasible? Applying the grounded theory method in social movement researchPeters, Ina
2013 Peace is better business, and business makes better peace: The role of the private sector in Colombian peace processesRettberg, Angelika
2012 Domestic security in the Maghreb: Deficits and counter-measuresMattes, Hanspeter
2012 Drivers of strategic contestation in South AmericaFlemes, Daniel; Wehner, Leslie
2007 Problems of categorizing and explaining party systems in AfricaErdmann, Gero; Basedau, Matthias
2007 Why reform fails: The 'politics of policies' in Costa Rican telecommunications liberalizationHoffmann, Bert
2006 Exploding crime? Topic management in Central American newspapersHuhn, Sebastian; Oettler, Anika; Peetz, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16
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