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DateTitle Authors
2006 Construyendo inseguridades: Aproximaciones a la violencia en Centroamérica desde el análisis del discursoHuhn, Sebastian / Oettler, Anika / Peetz, Peter
2006 Brazil's nuclear policy: From technological dependence to civil nuclear powerFlemes, Daniel
2006 Macht und Machthierarchien in den internationalen Beziehungen: Ein Analysekonzept für die Forschung über regionale FührungsmächteNolte, Detlef
2007 Boda-bodas rule: Non-agricultural activities and their inequality implications in Western KenyaLay, Jann / M'Mukaria, George Michuki / Omar Mahmoud, Toman
2007 Seeking opportunities: Migration as an income diversification strategy of households in Kakamega district in KenyaGiesbert, Lena
2007 Conceptualising regional power in international relations: Lessons from the South African caseFlemes, Daniel
2007 The EU's foreign policy after the fifth enlargement: Any change in its Taiwan policy?Schucher, Günter
2007 Discourses on violence in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua: National patterns of attention and cross-border discursive nodesOettler, Anika
2007 Prestando acuerdo: El senado frente a los nombramientos del poder judicial en la Argentina democrática (1983 - 2006)Llanos, Mariana / Figueroa Schibber, Constanza
2007 Sectoral transformations in neo-patrimonial rentier states: Tourism development and state policy in EgyptRichter, Thomas / Steiner, Christian
2007 The role of southern actors in global governance: The fight against HIV/AIDSBartsch, Sonja / Kohlmorgen, Lars
2007 Problems of categorizing and explaining party systems in AfricaErdmann, Gero / Basedau, Matthias
2007 Emerging middle powers' soft balancing strategy: State and perspectives of the IBSA dialogue forumFlemes, Daniel
2007 Patronage-preserving federalism? Legislative malapportionment and subnational fiscal policies in ArgentinaGordin, Jorge P.
2007 Why reform fails: The 'politics of policies' in Costa Rican telecommunications liberalizationHoffmann, Bert
2007 Securing household income among small-scale farmers in Kakamega district: Possibilities and limitations of diversificationDose, Henriette
2007 The potential of Regional Integration Agreements (RIAs) in enhancing the credibility of reform: The case of the Syrian-European association agreementZorob, Anja
2007 Why is liberal peace-building so difficult? Some lessons from Central AmericaKurtenbach, Sabine
2007 Crafting political institutions in Africa: Electoral systems and systems of government in Rwanda and Zambia comparedStroh, Alexander
2007 The cleavage model, ethnicity and voter alignment in Africa: Conceptual and methodological problems revisitedErdmann, Gero
2007 Crises, hegemony and change in the international system: A conceptual frameworkNabers, Dirk
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