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DateTitle Authors
2006 Ten years after: Achievements and challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean economic and financial partnershipBrach, Juliane
2006 Measuring the capability to raise revenue: Process and output dimensions and their application to the Zambia revenue authorityvon Soest, Christian
2006 Regional monetary integration among developing countries: New opportunities for macroeconomic stability beyond the theory of optimum currency areas?Fritz, Barbara / Mühlich, Laurissa
2006 Political parties in post-Suharto Indonesia: Between politik aliran and 'Philippinisation'Ufen, Andreas
2006 The emergence of a new 'socialist' market labour regime in ChinaHebel, Jutta / Schucher, Günter
2006 The politics of senatorial confirmations: A comparative study of Argentina and BrazilLemos, Leany Barreiro / Llanos, Mariana
2006 Cuban exceptionalism revisitedHoffmann, Bert / Whitehead, Laurence
2006 Cultures and innovation of African poor: Common roots, shared traits, joint prospects? On the articulation of multiple modernities in African societies and black diasporas in Latin AmericaKohnert, Dirk
2006 Political discourse in football coverage: The cases of Côte d'Ivoire and GhanaMehler, Andreas
2006 Exploding crime? Topic management in Central American newspapersHuhn, Sebastian / Oettler, Anika / Peetz, Peter
2006 Towards a dynamic model of the interplay between international institutionsLoewen, Howard
2006 Guatemala in the 1980s: A genocide turned into ethnocide?Oettler, Anika
2006 How does neopatrimonialism affect the African state? The case of tax collection in Zambiavon Soest, Christian
2006 Ideological reform and political legitimacy in China: Challenges in the post-Jiang eraHolbig, Heike
2006 Economic growth and poverty: Does formalisation of informal enterprises matter?Ishengoma, Esther K. / Kappel, Robert
2006 Decentralisation in Uganda: Exploring the constraints for poverty reductionSteiner, Susan
2006 Neopatrimonialism revisited: Beyond a catch-all conceptErdmann, Gero / Engel, Ulf
2006 Potencias regionales en la política internacional: Conceptos y enfoques de análisisNolte, Detlef
2006 Multiple interfaces of big pharma and the change of global health governance in the face of HIV/AIDSWogart, Jan Peter
2006 A paradox of plenty? Rent distribution and political stability in oil statesBasedau, Matthias / Lacher, Wolfram
2006 Construyendo inseguridades: Aproximaciones a la violencia en Centroamérica desde el análisis del discursoHuhn, Sebastian / Oettler, Anika / Peetz, Peter
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