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DateTitle Authors
2010 Minimum wage setting and standards of fairnessGreen, David A. / Harrison, Kathryn
2010 Empirically probing the quantity-quality modelFitzsimons, Emla / Malde, Bansi
2010 Non cooperative household demandLechene, Valérie / Preston, Ian
2010 Disability risk, disability insurance and life cycle behaviorLow, Hamish / Pistaferri, Luigi
2010 Career progression and formal versus on-the-job trainingAdda, Jerome / Dustmann, Christian / Meghir, Costas / Robin, Jean-Marc
2010 Occupational pension value in the public and private sectorsCrawford, Rowena / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma
2010 Money, mentoring and making friends: The impact of a multidimensional access program on student performanceDenny, Kevin / Doyle, Orla / O'Reilly, Patricia / O'Sullivan, Vincent
2010 Conditional cash transfers, women and the demand for foodAttanasio, Orazio / Lechene, Valérie
2010 Releasing jobs for the young? Early retirement and youth unemployment in the United KingdomBanks, James / Blundell, Richard / Bozio, Antoine / Emmerson, Carl
2010 The demand for private schooling in England: The impact of price and qualityBlundell, Richard / Dearden, Lorraine / Sibieta, Luke
2010 Education choices in Mexico: Using a structural model and a randomized experiment to evaluate ProgresaAttanasio, Orazio / Meghir, Costas / Santiago, Ana
2010 The role of attitudes and behaviours in explaining socio-economic differences in attainment at age 16Chowdry, Haroon / Crawford, Claire / Goodman, Alissa
2010 Starting school and leaving welfare: The impact of public education on lone parents' welfare receiptBrewer, Mike / Crawford, Claire
2010 Earnings, consumption and lifecycle choicesMeghir, Costas / Pistaferri, Luigi
2011 The effect of childhood education on old age cognitive abilities: Evidence from a regression discontinuity designMazzonna, Fabrizio / Banks, James
2011 Extensive and intensive margins of labour supply: Working hours in the US, UK and FranceBlundell, Richard / Bozio, Antoine / Laroque, Guy
2011 The impact of minimum wages on quit, layoff and hiring ratesBrochu, Pierre / Green, David A.
2011 The socio-economic gradient in early child outcomes: Evidence from the Millennium Cohort StudyDearden, Lorraine / Sibieta, Luke / Sylva, Kathy
2011 Do consumers gamble to convexify?Crossley, Thomas F. / Low, Hamish / Smith, Sarah
2011 The effect of abolishing university tuition costs: Evidence from IrelandDenny, Kevin
2011 How much do lifetime earnings explain retirement resources?Bozio, Antoine / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma
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