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DateTitle Authors
2008 Separability and public financeGauthier, Stéphane / Laroque, Guy
2008 Does welfare reform affect fertility? Evidence from the UKBrewer, Mike / Ratcliffe, Anita / Smith, Sarah
2008 Are boys and girls affected differently when the household head leaves for good? Evidence from school and work choices in ColombiaFitzsimons, Emla / Mesnard, Alice
2008 The retirement consumption puzzle: Evidence from a regression discontinuity approachBattistin, Erich / Brugiavini, Agar / Rettore, Enrico / Weber, Guglielmo
2008 Decomposing changes in income risk using consumption dataBlundell, Richard / Low, Hamish / Preston, Ian
2008 Optimal taxation in the extensive modelChoné, Philippe / Laroque, Guy
2008 The location of innovative activity in EuropeAbramovsky, Laura / Griffith, Rachel / Macartney, Gareth / Miller, Helen
2008 Wage risk and employment risk over the life cycleLow, Hamish / Meghir, Costas / Pistaferri, Luigi
2008 Klin-ing up: Effects of Polish tax reforms on those in and on those outMorawski, Leszek / Myck, Michał
2008 Changing public sector wage differentials in the UKDisney, Richard / Gosling, Amanda
2008 Employment, hours of work and the optimal design of earned income tax creditsBlundell, Richard / Shephard, Andrew
2008 Skill-based technology adoption: Firm-level evidence from Brazil and IndiaHarrison, Rupert
2009 Estimating the peace dividend: The impact of violence on house prices in Northern IrelandBesley, Tim / Mueller, Hannes
2009 Peace and goodwill? Using an experimental game to analyse the Desarrollo y Paz initiative in ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio / Pellerano, Luca / Phillips, David
2009 The value of teachers' pensionsDisney, Richard / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma
2009 The economics of a temporary VAT cutCrossley, Thomas / Low, Hamish / Wakefield, Matthew
2009 Taxation of human capital and wage inequality: A cross-country analysisGuvenen, Fatih / Kuruscu, Burhanettin / Ozkan, Serdar
2009 Ability, parental valuation of education and the high school dropout decisionFoley, Kelly / Gallipoli, Giovanni / Green, David A.
2009 Career progression and formal versus on-the-job trainingAdda, Jerome / Dustmann, Christian / Meghir, Costas / Robin, Jean-Marc
2009 Market regulation and firm performance: the case of smoking bans in the UKAdda, Jerome / Berlinski, Samuel / Bhaskar, V. / Machin, Stephen
2009 New evidence on taxes and portfolio choiceAlan, Sule / Atalay, Kadir / Crossley, Thomas F. / Jeon, Sung-hee
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