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DateTitle Authors
2010 Employment protection legislation, multinational firms and innovationGriffith, Rachel / Macartney, Gareth
2010 Explaining the socio-economic gradient in child outcomes: The intergenerational transmission of cognitive skillsCrawford, Claire / Goodman, Alissa / Joyce, Robert
2010 What determines private school choice? A comparison between the UK and AustraliaDearden, Lorraine / Ryan, Chris / Sibieta, Luke
2010 When you are born matters: The impact of date of birth on educational outcomes in EnglandCrawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Meghir, Costas
2010 Child poverty in the UK since 1998-99: Lessons from the past decadeBrewer, Mike / Browne, James / Joyce, Robert / Sibieta, Luke
2010 The price elasticity of charitable giving: Does the form of tax relief matter?Scharf, Kim / Smith, Sarah
2009 Household panel data, scanner data, expenditure, food, duration models, attritionLeicester, Andrew / Oldfield, Zoë
2009 Understanding the wage patterns of Canadian less skilled workers: The role of implicit contractsGreen, David A. / Townsend, James
2009 Ethnic parity in labour market outcomes for benefit claimantsCrawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Mesnard, Alice / Shaw, Jonathan / Sianesi, Barbara
2009 Are two cheap, noisy measures better than one expensive, accurate one?Browning, Martin / Crossley, Thomas F.
2009 Geographic proximity and firm-university innovation linkages: Evidence from Great BritainAbramovsky, Laura / Simpson, Helen
2009 Migration, violence and welfare programmes in rural ColombiaMesnard, Alice
2009 Externality-correcting taxes and regulationChristiansen, Vidar / Smith, Stephen
2009 Food and cash transfers: Evidence from ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio / Battistin, Erich / Mesnard, Alice
2009 Preschool and maternal labor market outcomes: Evidence from a regression discontinuity designBerlinski, Samuel / Galiani, Sebastian / McEwan, Patrick J.
2009 The scourge of Asian Flu: In utero exposure to pandemic influenza and the development of a cohort of British childrenKelly, Elaine
2009 How does entry regulation influence entry into self-employment and occupational mobility?Prantl, Susanne / Spitz-Oener, Alexandra
2009 ICT, corporate restructuring and productivityAbramovsky, Laura / Griffith, Rachel
2009 Negative marginal tax rates and heterogeneityChoné, Philippe / Laroque, Guy
2009 Housing, home ownership, tenure choice, first-time home-buyers, marriage, income riskFisher, Jonas D. M. / Gervais, Martin
2009 New evidence on taxes and portfolio choiceAlan, Sule / Atalay, Kadir / Crossley, Thomas F. / Jeon, Sung-hee
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