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DateTitle Authors
2015 Children, time allocation and consumption insuranceBlundell, Richard / Pistaferri, Luigi / Saporta-Eksten, Itay
2015 The distribution of school funding and inputs in England: 1993-2013Sibieta, Luke
2015 Constructing full adult life-cycles from short panelsLevell, Peter / Shaw, Jonathan
2015 Prices versus preferences: Taste change and revealed preferenceAdams, Abi / Blundell, Richard / Browning, Martin / Crawford, Ian
2015 Sanitation dynamics: Toilet acquisition and its economic and social implicationsAugsburg, Britta / Rodríguez-Lesmes, Paul
2015 Estimating the production function for human capital: Results from a randomized controlled trial in ColombiaAttanasio, Orazio / Cattan, Sarah / Fitzsimons, Emla / Meghir, Costas / Codina, Marta Rubio
2015 Life-cycle consumption patterns at older ages in the US and the UK: Can medical expenditures explain the difference?Banks, James / Blundell, Richard / Levell, Peter / Smith, James P.
2015 A tale of three distributions: Inheritances, wealth and lifetime incomeCrawford, Rowena / Hood, Andrew
2015 Demand analysis with partially observed pricesCrawford, Ian / Polisson, Matthew
2015 Disability benefit receipt and reform: Reconciling trends in the United KingdomBanks, James / Blundell, Richard / Emmerson, Carl
2015 The short run elasticity of National Health Service nurses' labour supply in Great BritainCrawford, Rowena / Disney, Richard / Emmerson, Carl
2015 Going beyond simple sample size calculations: A practitioner's guideMcConnell, Brendon / Vera-Hernández, Marcos
2015 Value added tax policy and the case for uniformity: Empirical evidence from MexicoAbramovsky, Laura / Attanasio, Orazio / Phillips, David
2014 Credit counseling: A substitute for consumer financial literacy?Disney, Richard / Gathergood, John / Weber, Jörg
2014 Fluctuations in hours of work and employment across age and genderLaroque, Guy / Osotimehin, Sophie
2014 The right to buy social housing in Britain: A welfare analysisDisney, Richard / Luo, Guannan
2014 Cash and pensions: Have the elderly in England saved optimally for retirementCrawford, Rowena / O'Dea, Cormac
2014 What is a minimum wage for? Empirical results and theories of justiceGreen, David A.
2014 Labour supply and taxation with restricted choicesBeffy, Magali / Blundell, Richard / Bozio, Antoine / Laroque, Guy / To, Maxime
2014 Challenges to promoting social inclusion of the extreme poor: Evidence from a large scale experiment in ColombiaAbramovsky, Laura / Attanasio, Orazio / Barron, Kai / Carneiro, Pedro / Stoye, George
2014 The impact of family composition on educational achievementChen, Stacey H. / Chen, Yen-Chien / Liu, Jin-Tan
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