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DateTitle Authors
2014 Nutrition, information, and household behaviour: Experimental evidence from MalawiFitzsimons, Emla / Malde, Bansi / Mesnard, Alice / Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
2014 Labor income dynamics and the insurance from taxes, transfers and the familyBlundell, Richard / Graber, Michael / Mogstad, Magne
2013 Parental socialisation effort and the intergenerational transmission of risk preferencesAlan, Sule / Baydar, Nazli / Boneva, Teodora / Crossley, Thomas F. / Ertac, Seda
2013 How taxes and welfare distort work incentives: Static lifecycle and dynamic perspectivesBrewer, Mike / Dias, Monica Costa / Shaw, Jonathan
2013 Spatial sortingEeckhout, Jan / Pinheiro, Roberto / Schimdheiny, Kurt
2013 Testing for intertemporal nonseparabilityCrawford, Ian / Polisson, Matthew
2013 The impact of age within academic year on adult outcomesCrawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Greaves, Ellen
2013 Consumer demand system estimation and value added tax reforms in the Czech RepublicJanskĀ“y, Petr P. J.
2013 Do the UK government's welfare reforms make work payAdam, Stuart / Browne, James
2013 Incentives, shocks or signals: Labour supply effects of increasing the female state pension age in the UKCribb, Jonathan / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma
2013 Identifying sibling influence on teenage substance useAltonji, Joseph G. / Cattan, Sarah / Ware, Iain
2013 The drivers of month of birth differences in children's cognitive and noncognitive skills: A regression discontinuity analysisCrawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Greaves, Ellen
2013 Efficient responses to targeted cash transfersAttanasio, Orazio P. / Lechene, Valerie
2013 Livestock asset transfers with and without training: Evidence from RwandaArgent, Jonathan / Augsburg, Britta / Rasul, Imran
2013 Food for thought? Breastfeeding and child developmentFitzsimons, Emla / Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
2013 Anti-smoking policies and smoker well-being: Evidence from BritainLeicester, Andrew / Levell, Peter
2013 Education policy and intergenerational transfers in equilibriumAbbott, Brant / Gallipoli, Giovanni / Meghir, Costas / Violante, Giovanni L.
2013 Ambiguity revealedBayer, Ralph-C. / Bose, Subir / Polisson, Matthew / Renou, Ludovic
2013 Prospect theory and tax evasion: A reconsideration of the Yitzhaki PuzzlePiolatto, Amedeo / Rablen, Matthew
2013 Identifying the drivers of month of birth differences in educational attainmentCrawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Greaves, Ellen
2013 Career progression, economic downturns, and skillsAdda, Jerome / Dustmann, Christian / Meghir, Costas / Robin, Jean-Marc
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