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DateTitle Authors
2014 The impact of financial education on adolescents' intertemporal choicesL├╝hrmann, Melanie / Serra-Garcia, Marta / Winter, Joachim
2014 Using a temporary indirect tax cut as a fiscal stimulus: Evidence from the UKCrossley, Thomas F. / Low, Hamish W. / Sleeman, Cath
2014 Labour supply effects of increasing the female state pension age in the UK from age 60 to 62Cribb, Jonathan / Emmerson, Carl / Tetlow, Gemma
2014 The socio-economic gradient of child development: Cross-sectional evidence from children 6-42 months in BogotaRubio-Codina, Marta / Attanasio, Orazio / Meghir, Costas / Varela, Natalia / Grantham-McGregor, Sally
2014 Modelling work, health, care and income in the older population: The IFS retirement simulator (RetSim)Browne, James / Emmerson, Carl / Heald, Katherine / Hood, Andrew
2014 From me to you? How the UK state pension system redistributesCrawford, Rowena / Keynes, Soumaya / Tetlow, Gemma
2014 The redistribution and insurance value of welfare reformShaw, Jonathan
2014 Labour supply and taxation with restricted choicesBeffy, Magali / Blundell, Richard / Bozio, Antoine / Laroque, Guy
2014 Dealing with randomisation bias in a social experiment: The case of ERASianesi, Barbara
2014 The measurement of household consumption expendituresBrowning, Martin / Crossley, Thomas / Winter, Joachim
2014 Holy cows or cash cows?Attanasio, Orazio / Augsburg, Britta
2014 Never mind the hyperbolics: Nonparametric analysis of time-inconsistent preferencesBlow, Laura / Browning, Martin / Crawford, Ian
2014 For love or reward? Characterising preference for giving to parents in an experimental settingPorter, Maria / Adams, Abi
2014 Tax without design: Recent developments in UK tax policyJohnson, Paul
2014 Estimating the effect of teacher pay on pupil attainment using boundary discontinuitiesGreaves, Ellen / Sibieta, Luke
2014 Household sharing and commitment: Evidence from panel data on individual expenditures and time useLise, Jeremy / Yamada, Ken
2014 Can survey participation alter household saving behavior?Crossley, Thomas F. / de Bresser, Jochem / Delaney, Liam / Winter, Joachim
2014 Consume now or later? Time inconsistency, collective choice and revealed preferenceAdams, Abi / Cherchye, Laurens / De Rock, Bram / Verriest, Ewout
2014 The importance of product reformulation versus consumer choice in improving diet qualityGriffith, Rachel / O'Connell, Martin / Smith, Kate
2014 Nutrition, information, and household behaviour: Experimental evidence from MalawiFitzsimons, Emla / Malde, Bansi / Mesnard, Alice / Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
2014 Labor income dynamics and the insurance from taxes, transfers and the familyBlundell, Richard / Graber, Michael / Mogstad, Magne
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