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DateTitle Authors
2010 Leader, or just dominant? The dominant-firm model revisitedvon der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M.
2010 Macroeconomic stability or cyles? The role of the wage-price spiralKolsrud, Dag / Nymoen, Ragnar
2010 Learning by doing in contestsClark, Derek J. / Nilssen, Tore
2010 The 'meteorological' and the 'engineering' type of econometric inference: A 1943 exchange between Trygve Haavelmo and Jakob MarschakBjerkholt, Ole
2010 Employee stock optionsBørsum, Øystein
2010 Climate policy without commitmentGolombek, Rolf / Greaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael
2010 The sensitivity of the Scaled Model of Error with respect to the choice of the correlation parameters: A simulation studyGraziani, Rebecca / Keilman, Nico
2010 Contagious mortgage defaultBørsum, Øystein
2010 The number of organizations in heterogeneous societiesLind, Jo Thori
2010 Teaching economics as a science: The 1930 Yale lectures of Ragnar FrischBjerkholt, Olav / Qin, Duo
2010 Comparing the welfare of growing economicsAsheim, Geir B.
2010 Is there a green paradox?Hoel, Michael
2010 A note on imposing strong complementary in DEAKrivonozhko, Vladimir / Førsund, Finn R. / Lychev, Andrey V.
2010 Testing the invariance of expectations models of inflationCastle, Jennifer L. / Doornik, Jurgen A. / Hendry, David F. / Nymoen, Ragnar
2010 Aggressive elites and vulnerable entrepreneurs: Trust and cooperation in the shadow of conflictMehlum, Halvor / Moene, Karl Ove
2010 OLS with multiple high dimensional category dummiesGaure, Simen
2010 Price coordination in two-sided markets: Competition in the TV industryKind, Hans Jarle / Nilssen, Tore / Sørgard, Lars
2010 Climate change and carbon tax expectationsHoel, Michael
2009 Strategic use of environmental informationAsheim, Geir B.
2009 Returns-to-scale properties in DEA models: The fundmantal role of interior pointsKrivonozhko, Vladimir / Førsund, Finn R.
2009 Wage rigidity, institutions, and inflationHolden, Steinar / Wulfsberg, Fredrik
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