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DateTitle Authors
1999 The composite mean regression as a tool in production studiesBjøntegård, Eivind
1999 Efficiency and productivity of Norwegian collegesFørsund, Finn R. / Kalhagen, Kjell Ove
1999 Inflation targeting strategies in small open economiesLeitemo, Kai
1999 The economics of screening programsStrøm, Steiner
1999 Effects on the trade and non-traded sectorsLeitemo, Kai / Røisland, Øistein
2000 CO2 mitigation costs and ancillary benefits in the Nordic countries, the UK and Ireland: A surveyKverndokk, Snorre / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2000 FX trading... LIVE!: Dealer behaviour and trading systems in foreign exchange marketsBjønnes, Geir Høidal / Rime, Dagfinn
2000 Earnings assimilation of immigrants in Norway: A reappraisalLongva, Pål / Raaum, Oddbjørn
2000 Demographic translation: From period to cohort perspective and backKeilman, Nico
2000 Competitive effort and employment determination with team productionStrand, Jon
2000 Strategic informative advertising in a tv-advertising duopolyNilssen, Tore / Sørgard, Lars
2000 Environmental regulation under asymmetric information with type-dependent outside optionVislie, Jon
2000 Deductive reasoning in extensive gamesAsheim, Geir B. / Dufwenberg, Martin
2000 Deriving belief operators from preferencesAsheim, Geir B.
2000 Predator or prey? Parasitic enterprises in economic developmentMehlum, Halvor / Moene, Karl / Torvik, Ragnar
2000 The Hartwick rule: Myths and factsAsheim, Geir B. / Buchholz, Wolfgang
2000 Cream skimming, dregs skimming, and pooling: On the dynamics of competitive screeningLund, Diderik / Nilssen, Tore
2000 Imperfect loss offset and the after-tax expected rate of return to equity, with an application to rent taxationLund, Diderik
2000 A note on the Weibull distribution and time aggregation biasRøed, Knut / Zhang, Tao
2000 Customer trading and information in foreign exchange marketsBjønnes, Geir Høidal / Rime, Dagfinn
2000 Private or public information in foreign exchange markets? An empirical analysisRime, Dagfinn
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