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DateTitle Authors
1990 The Malmquist Productivity IndexForsund, F.R.
1998 Error-correction versus Differencing in Macroeconomic ForecastingEitrheim, O. / Husebo, T.A. / Nymoen, R.
1998 Option Values in Sequential Marketsvon der Fehr, N.-H. M. / Riis, C.
1998 Evaluating alternative tax reforms in Italy with a model of joint labor supply of married couplesAaberge, Rolf / Colombino, Ugo / Strøm, Steinar / Wennemo, Tom
1998 Bargaining Versus Efficiency Wages in a Dynamic Labor Market: A SynthesisStrand, J.
1998 Social Inequalities in Cancer SurvivalKravdal, O.
1998 Rent Taxation when Cost Tranfers are Possible, but CostlyHalvorsen, H.E. / Lund, D.
1998 Business Cycles and Fiscal Policy in an Open EconomyAndersen, T. M. / Holden, S.
1998 Labor supply responses and welfare effects from replacing current tax rules by a flat tax: Empirical evidence from Italy, Norway and SwedenAaberge, Rolf / Colombino, Ugo / Strøm, Steinar
1998 From Growth Theory to Technology Policy - Coordination Problems in Theory and PracticeKlette, Tor Jakob / Møen, Jarle
1998 Empirical Patterns of Firm Growth and R&D Investment: a Quality Ladder Model Interpretation.Klette, T.J. / Griliches, Z.
1998 Regulation and Wage BargainingDalen, D.M. / von der Fehr, N.-H. M. / Moen, E. R.
1998 Market Power, Scale Economies and Productivity: Estimates from a Panel of Establishment DataKlette, T.J.
1998 On the Structure of Behavioral Multistate Duration ModelsDagsvik, J.K.
1998 Wage Drift and the Relevance of Centralised Wage SettingHolden, S.
1998 Wage Bargaining and Turnover Costs with Heterogeneous Labour: The No-screening CaseStrand, J.
1998 Deriving Bounds on the Structural Vector when the Measurement Errors are Correlated: An Elaboration of the Frisch/Reiersol ApproachWillasen, Y.
1998 Competition in Electricity Spot Markets. Economic Theory and International Experience.von der Fehr, N.-H. / Harbord,D.
1998 Green National Accounting: Why and How?Asheim, G.B.
1998 Water Pricing in Honduras: A Political Economy AnalysisStrand, J.
1998 Panel data with measurement errors: Instrumental variables and GMM procedures combining levels and differencesBiørn, Erik
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