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DateTitle Authors
2009 Wage rigidity, institutions, and inflationHolden, Steinar / Wulfsberg, Fredrik
2009 Returns-to-scale properties in DEA models: The fundmantal role of interior pointsKrivonozhko, Vladimir / Førsund, Finn R.
2009 Strategic use of environmental informationAsheim, Geir B.
2010 Climate change and carbon tax expectationsHoel, Michael
2010 Price coordination in two-sided markets: Competition in the TV industryKind, Hans Jarle / Nilssen, Tore / Sørgard, Lars
2010 OLS with multiple high dimensional category dummiesGaure, Simen
2010 Aggressive elites and vulnerable entrepreneurs: Trust and cooperation in the shadow of conflictMehlum, Halvor / Moene, Karl Ove
2010 Testing the invariance of expectations models of inflationCastle, Jennifer L. / Doornik, Jurgen A. / Hendry, David F. / Nymoen, Ragnar
2010 A note on imposing strong complementary in DEAKrivonozhko, Vladimir / Førsund, Finn R. / Lychev, Andrey V.
2010 Is there a green paradox?Hoel, Michael
2010 Comparing the welfare of growing economicsAsheim, Geir B.
2010 Teaching economics as a science: The 1930 Yale lectures of Ragnar FrischBjerkholt, Olav / Qin, Duo
2010 The number of organizations in heterogeneous societiesLind, Jo Thori
2010 Contagious mortgage defaultBørsum, Øystein
2010 The sensitivity of the Scaled Model of Error with respect to the choice of the correlation parameters: A simulation studyGraziani, Rebecca / Keilman, Nico
2010 Climate policy without commitmentGolombek, Rolf / Greaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael
2010 Employee stock optionsBørsum, Øystein
2010 The 'meteorological' and the 'engineering' type of econometric inference: A 1943 exchange between Trygve Haavelmo and Jakob MarschakBjerkholt, Ole
2010 Learning by doing in contestsClark, Derek J. / Nilssen, Tore
2010 Macroeconomic stability or cyles? The role of the wage-price spiralKolsrud, Dag / Nymoen, Ragnar
2010 Leader, or just dominant? The dominant-firm model revisitedvon der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M.
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