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DateTitle Authors
2011 Incentives for environmental R&DGreaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael
2011 Credit conditions indices: Controlling for regime shifts in the Norwegian credit marketJansen, Eilev S. / Krogh, Tord S. H.
2011 Who pays for occupational pensions?Lotherington Vestad, Ola
2011 Portfolio separation properties of the skew-elliptical distributionsFramstad, Nils Chr.
2011 Is corporate social responsibility associated with lower wages?Nyborg, Karine / Zhang, Tao
2011 Overdeterminacy and endogenous cycles : Trygve Haavelmo's business cycle model and its implications for monetary policyAnundsen, André K. / Krogh, Tord S. H. / Nymoen, Ragnar / Vislie, Jon
2011 Quitting behaviour of cigarette smokers: Are there direct effects of a screening program?Bretteville-Jensen, Anne Line / Biørn, Erik / Selmer, Randi
2011 The supply side of CO2 with country heterogeneityHoel, Michael
2011 Near and generous? Gift propensity and chosen emotional distanceEika, Kari H.
2011 Self-reinforcing effects between housing prices and credit: Evidence from NorwayAnundsen, André K. / Jansen, Eilev S.
2011 Weight restrictions in DEA: Misplaced emphasis?Førsund, Finn R.
2011 Are nurses more altruistic than real estate brokers?Jacobsen, Karin / Eika, Kari H. / Helland, Leif / Lind, Jo Thori / Nyborg, Karine
2011 Portfolio separation with α-symmetric and psuedo-isotropic distributionsFramstad, Nils Chr.
2011 Mineral rents and social development in NorwayMehlum, Halvor / Moene, Karl Ove / Torvik, Ragnar
2011 Inequality and growth in the very long run: Inferring inequality from data on social groupsModalsli, Jørgen Heibø
2011 Terminal units in DEA: Definition and determinationKrivonozhko, Vladimir / Førsund, Finn R. / Lychev, Andrey V.
2010 Cutting costs of catching carbon: Intertemporal effects under imperfect climate policyHoel, Michael / Jensen, Svenn
2010 Epistemically stable strategy setsAsheim, Geir B. / Voorneveld, Max / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2010 Environmental R&DHoel, Michael
2010 Identifying trend and age effects in sickness absence from individual data: Some econometric problemsBiørn, Erik
2010 Leader, or just dominant? The dominant-firm model revisitedvon der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M.
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