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DateTitle Authors
2014 Optimal migration and consumption policies over an individual's Random lifetimeWillassen, Yngve
2013 Equilibrium unemployment dynamics in a panel of OECD countriesNymoen, Ragnar / Sparrman, Victoria
2013 Trygve Haavelmo at the Cowles CommissionBjerkholt, Olav
2013 Reflections on the search for fertility effects on happinessKravdal, Øystein
2013 The political economy of migration politics in oil-rich Gulf countriesMehlum, Halvor / Østenstad, Gry
2013 Ross-type dynamic portfolio separation (almost) without Ito stochastic calculusFramstad, Nils Chr.
2013 What motivates farm couples to seek off-farm labour? A logit analysis of job transitionsBiørn, Erik / Bjørnsen, Hild-Marte
2013 Supply side climate policy and the green paradoxHoel, Michael
2013 Economic regime shifts and the US subprime bubbleAnundsen, André Kallåk
2013 An equilibrium model of credit rating agenciesHolden, Steinar / Natvik, Gisle James / Vigier, Adrien
2013 Age-cohort-time effects in sickness absence: Exploring a large data set by polynomial regressionBiørn, Erik
2013 Measuring efficiency and effectiveness in the public sectorFørsund, Finn R.
2013 Identifying age-cohort-time effects, their curvature and interactions from polynomials: Examples related to sickness absenceBiørn, Erik
2013 Compensated discrete choice with particular reference to labor supplyDagsvik, John K. / Strøm, Steinar / Locatelli, Marilena
2013 Promoting econometrics through Econometrica 1933 - 37Bjerkholt, Olav
2013 Optimal environmental policy with network effects: Is lock-in in dirty technologies possible?Greaker, Mads / Midttømme, Kristoffer
2013 Energy intensive infrastructure investments with retrofits in continuous time: Effects of uncertainty on energy use and carbon emissionsFramstad, Nils Chr. / Strand, Jon
2013 When can environmental profile and emissions reductions be optimized independently of the pollutant level?Framstad, Nils Chr.
2013 Supply restrictions, subprime lending and regional US housing pricesAnundsen, André Kallåk / Heebøll, Christian
2013 China saving's multiplierMehlum, Halvor / Torvik, Ragnar / Valente, Simone
2013 Variations on a theme by GossenHaavelmo, Trygve
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