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DateTitle Authors
2014 Education and cancer riskLeuven, Edwin / Plug, Erik / Rønning, Marte
2014 Project Evaluation with Democratic Decision-making: What Does Cost-benefit Analysis Really Measure?Nyborg, Karine
2014 Poverty in China seen from outer spaceAlmås, Ingvild / Johnsen, Åshild Auglænd / Kotsadam, Andreas
2014 The relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors to cancer risk and cancer mortality in NorwayLeuven, Edwin / Plug, Erik / Rønning, Marte
2014 Contributing to public goods as individuals versus group representatives: Evidence of gender differencesHauge, Karen Evelyn / Røgeberg, Ole
2014 Intergenerational egalitarianismPiacquadio, Paolo Giovanni
2014 Stochastic household forecasts by coherent random shares predictionsKeilman, Nico / van Duin, Coen
2014 From open-access to individual quotas: Disentangling the effects of policy reform and environmental changes in the Norwegian coastal cod fisheryDiekert, Florian / Lund, Kristen / Schweder, Tore
2014 Morale in the marketOgnedal, Tone
2014 Is it all about CO2 emissions? The environmental effects of a tax reform for new vehicles in NorwayCiccone, Alice
2014 The distribution of individual conformity under social pressure across societiesMichaeli, Moti / Spiro, Daniel
2014 Droughts and gender bias in infant mortality in Sub-Saharan AfricaFlatø, Martin / Kotsadam, Andreas
2014 Does a renewable fuel standard for biofuels reduce climate costs?Greaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2014 Skewed norms under peer pressure: Formation and collapseMichaeli, Moti / Spiro, Daniel
2014 Resource prices and planning horizonsSpiro, Daniel
2014 Uninsurance through tradeGars, Johan / Spiro, Daniel
2014 Reciprocal climate negotiators: Balancing anger against even more angerNyborg, Karine
2014 Social norms, morals and self-interest as determinants of pro-environment behavioursCzajkowski, Mikolaj / Hanley, Nick / Nyborg, Karine
2014 Optimal migration and consumption policies over an individual's Random lifetimeWillassen, Yngve
2013 Equilibrium unemployment dynamics in a panel of OECD countriesNymoen, Ragnar / Sparrman, Victoria
2013 Trygve Haavelmo at the Cowles CommissionBjerkholt, Olav
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