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DateTitle Authors
2009 Determinants of student performance in the introductory economics course in UPSicat, Gerardo P. / Briones, Kristine Joy S.
2009 What differences can performance ratings make? Difference-in-difference estimates of impact on local government responsiveness in the PhilippinesCapuno, Joseph J. / Garcia, Maria Melody S.
2008 Population growth and infant mortalityFabella, Christina
2008 Men and women in the Philippine work place: A supply of labor analysisSicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Migration remittances, poverty and inequality: The PhilippinesPernia, Ernesto M.
2008 The Philippines: Fiscal behavior in recent historyDiokno, Benjamin E.
2008 Is labor export good development policy?Pernia, Ernesto M.
2008 Secular morality and the universityde Dios, Emmanuel S.
2008 The quality of jobs in the Philippines: Comparing self-employment with wage employmentHasan, Rana / Jandoc, Karl Robert L.
2008 Health, education and the household: Explaining poverty websQuimbo, Stella A. / Kraft, Aleli D. / Capuno, Joseph J.
2008 Economic models on the motives behind migrant workers' remittancesAlba, Michael M.
2008 The Peso appreciation and the sustainability of Philippine growth: Need we worry?Fabella, Raul V.
2008 Two short memoirs on the development of Philippine social sciencesSicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Unlimited and abundant labor supply: Econometric and other evidence in Philippine industrySicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Can information about local government performance induce civic participation?Capuno, Joseph J. / Garcia, Maria Melody S.
2008 Philippine GDP growth after the Asian financial crisis: Resilient economy or weak statistical system?Medalla, Felipe M. / Jandoc, Karl Robert L.
2008 Institutional constraints on Philippine growthde Dios, Emmanuel S.
2007 Why has the Philippines remained a poor country? Some perspectives from growth economicsAlba, Michael M.
2007 The impact of international labor migration anf OFW remittances on poverty in the PhilippinesCapistrano, Loradel O. / Santa Maria, Maria Lourdes C.
2007 Lacking a backbone: The controversy over the 'National broadband network' and cyber-education projectsFabella, Raul V. / de Dios, Emmanuel S.
2007 Can fiscal incentives stimulate regional investment in the Philippines? An update of empirical resultsReside, Renato E.
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