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DateTitle Authors
2005 CDM potential of SPV pumps in IndiaPurohit, Pallav / Michaelowa, Axel
2005 Climate or development: Is ODA diverted from its original purpose?Michaelowa, Axel / Michaelowa, Katharina
2005 CO2 emission reduction potential of large-scale energy efficiency measures in power generation from fossil fuels in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and South AfricaBoehme, Benn J. / Krey, Matthias
2005 Lessons from the submission and approval process of energy-efficiency CDM baseline and monitoring methodologiesMüller-Pelzer, Felicia / Michaelowa, Axel
2005 CO2 emission reduction potential of large-scale energy efficiency measures in heavy industry in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and South AfricaHayashi, Daisuke / Krey, Matthias
2005 CDM: Current status and possibilities for reformMichaelowa, Axel
2006 On the impact of renewable energy support schemes on power pricesBode, Sven
2006 Gender equality in the labour market: Attitudes to women's workSchnepf, Sylke Viola
2006 Peer effects, social multipliers and migration at school: An international comparisonEntorf, Horst / Lauk, Martina
2006 The impact of student diversity in secondary schools: An analysis of the international PISA data and implications for the German education systemMichaelowa, Katharina / Bourdon, Jean
2006 The institutional challenge of the ACP/EU Economic Partnership AgreementsBorrmann, Axel / Busse, Matthias
2006 Institutional and structural problems of China's foreign exchange market and the RMB's role in East AsiaJikang, Zhang / Yuanyuan, Liang
2006 Steuern und Steuerpolitik in Entwicklungsländern: Die Eigenverantwortlichkeit der RegierungenMenck, Karl Wolfgang / Mutén, Leif
2006 The ASEAN Economic Community and the European experiencePlummer, Michael G. / Click, Reid W.
2006 Long waves of economic development and the diffusion of general-purpose technologies: The case of railway networksKriedel, Norbert
2006 Doping im Radsport als kollektives GleichgewichtVöpel, Henning
2006 Learning by doing in market reform: Lessons from a regional bond fundMa, Guonan / Remolona, Eli M.
2006 Migration and innovation: Does cultural diversity matter for regional R&D activity?Niebuhr, Annekatrin
2006 Ein Transfermarktmodell und Implikationen für die strategische Transferpolitik der Vereine in der Fußball-BundesligaVöpel, Henning
2006 Capital markets and exchange rate stabilization in East Asia: Diversifying risk based on currency basketsSchnabl, Gunther
2006 Greenhouse gas benefits of fighting obesityMichaelowa, Axel / Dransfeld, Björn
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