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DateTitle Authors
2015 It's not all about parents' education, it also matters what they do: Parents' employment and children's school success in GermanyBoll, Christina / Hoffmann, Malte
2015 A location quotient-based interregional input-output (IRIOLQ) frameworkJahn, Malte
2014 Green, greener, grey: Disentangling different types of green growthRische, Marie-Christin / Röhlig, Andreas Marcus / Stöver, Jana
2014 The relation between overreaction in forecasts and uncertainty: A nonlinear approachvonLeppin, Julian Sebastian
2014 On the predictive content of nonlinear transformations of lagged autoregression residuals and time series observationsRossen, Anja
2014 How to woo the smart ones? Evaluating the determinants that particularly attract highly qualified people to citiesBuch, Tanja / Hamann, Silke / Niebuhr, Annekatrin / Rossen, Anja
2014 What are metal prices like? Co-movement, price cycles and long-run trendsRossen, Anja
2014 A spatial computable general equilibrium model for the analysis of regional climate change impacts and adaptation policiesJahn, Malte
2014 The role of a changing market: Environment for credit default swap pricingLeppin, Julian S. / Reitz, Stefan
2014 Modeling dynamics of metal price series via state space approach with two common factorsGolosnoy, Vasyl / Rossen, Anja
2014 Tax sovereignty and feasibility of international regulations for tobacco tax policiesBräuninger, Michael
2014 Entwicklung und Determinanten des Siedlungsabfallaufkommens in DeutschlandErichsen, Jan-Ove / Schlitte, Friso / Schulze, Sven
2014 Changing patterns of electricity use in European manufacturing: A decomposition analysisWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2014 Who is overeducated and why? Probit and dynamic mixed multinomial logit analyses of vertical mismatch in East and West GermanyBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian / Schömann, Klaus
2014 Welfare implications of power rationing: An application to GermanyWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2014 Overeducation among graduates: An overlooked facet of the gender pay gap? Evidence from East and West GermanyBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian
2013 Pane e Cioccolata: The impact of native attitudes on return migrationde Coulon, Augustin / Radu, Dragos / Steinhardt, Max Friedrich
2013 Does better education cause higher income?Homann, Malte / Jensen, Uwe
2013 A Zidane clustering theorem: Why top players tend to play in one team and how the competitive balance can be restoredVöpel, Henning
2013 Towards a new measure of a country's competitiveness: applying canonical correlationWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2013 Short-term forecasting with business surveys: Evidence for German IHK data at federal state levelWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
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