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DateTitle Authors
2014 Tax sovereignty and feasibility of international regulations for tobacco tax policiesBräuninger, Michael
2014 Entwicklung und Determinanten des Siedlungsabfallaufkommens in DeutschlandErichsen, Jan-Ove / Schlitte, Friso / Schulze, Sven
2014 Changing patterns of electricity use in European manufacturing: A decomposition analysisWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2014 Who is overeducated and why? Probit and dynamic mixed multinomial logit analyses of vertical mismatch in East and West GermanyBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian / Schömann, Klaus
2014 Welfare implications of power rationing: An application to GermanyWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2014 Overeducation among graduates: An overlooked facet of the gender pay gap? Evidence from East and West GermanyBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian
2013 Pane e Cioccolata: The impact of native attitudes on return migrationde Coulon, Augustin / Radu, Dragos / Steinhardt, Max Friedrich
2013 Does better education cause higher income?Homann, Malte / Jensen, Uwe
2013 A Zidane clustering theorem: Why top players tend to play in one team and how the competitive balance can be restoredVöpel, Henning
2013 Towards a new measure of a country's competitiveness: applying canonical correlationWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2013 Short-term forecasting with business surveys: Evidence for German IHK data at federal state levelWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2013 Regional diversity in the costs of electricity outages: Results for German countiesPiaszeck, Simon / Wenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2013 Economics of extreme weather events in cities: Terminology and regional impact modelsJahn, Malte
2013 Sektorale und regionale Betroffenheit durch den Klimawandel am Beispiel der Metropolregion HamburgFrei, Xenia / Kowalewski, Julia
2013 Protection against major catastrophes: An economic perspectiveWenzel, Lars / Wolf, André
2013 Equal matches are only half the story: Why German female graduates earn 27 % less than malesBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian
2013 Forecasting regional growth in Germany: A panel approach using business survey dataWenzel, Lars
2012 The political economy of trade and migration: Evidence from the US CongressConconi, Paola / Facchini, Giovanni / Steinhardt, Max Friedrich / Zanardi, Maurizio
2012 The impact of distance in seaborne trade: An analysis of bilateral container transport flowsBiermann, Franziska
2012 Political determinants of budget deficit in Pakistan: An empirical investigationAnwar, Mumtaz / Ahmad, Munazza
2012 Impact of benefit sanctions on unemployment outflow: Evidence from German survey dataHillmann, Katja / Hohenleitner, Ingrid
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