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DateTitle Authors
2008 Technology, institutions and allocation of time in Swedish households 1920 - 1990Svensson, Lars
2008 The US earned income tax credit, its effects, and possible reformsMeyer, Bruce D.
2008 On mandatory activation of welfare receiversDahlberg, Matz / Johansson, Kajsa / Mörk, Eva
2008 Do interactions between unemployment insurance and sickness insurance affect transitions to employment?Hall, Caroline
2008 Estimating dynamic income responses to tax reforms: Swedish evidenceHolmlund, Bertil / Söderström, Martin
2008 Scars of recession: the long-term costs of the Finnish economic crisisVerho, Jouko
2008 Proxying ability by family background in returns to schooling estimations is generally a bad ideaMellander, Erik / Sandgren-Massih, Sofia
2008 One size fits all? The effects of teacher cognitive and non-cognitive abilities on student achievementGrönqvist, Erik / Vlachos, Jonas
2008 Distribution and labour market incentives in the welfare state: Danish experiencesAndersen, Torben M. / Haagen Pedersen, Lars
2008 Intergovernmental grants and bureaucratic powerDahlberg, Matz / Lundqvist, Heléne / Mörk, Eva
2008 Cheaper children, more childrenMörk, Eva / Sjögren, Anna / Svaleryd, Helena
2008 The effects of mixed-age classes in SwedenJohansson, Elly-Ann / Lindahl, Erica
2008 Monitoring and norms in sickness insurance: Empirical evidence from a natural experimentHesselius, Patrik / Johansson, Per / Vikström, Johan
2008 The dynamics of combining self-employment and employmentDelmar, Frédéric / Folta, Timothy / Wennberg, Karl
2008 The effect of active labor market programs on not-yet treated unemployed individualsvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Bergemann, Annette / Caliendo, Marco
2008 The matching method for treatment evaluation with selective participation and ineligiblesCosta Dias, Monica / Ichimura, Hidehiko / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2008 Welfare reforms and cild well-being in the US and UKWaldfogel, Jane
2008 Do unemployment benefits increase unemployment? New evidence on an old questionFredriksson, Peter / Söderström, Martin
2008 Last in, first out? Estimating the effect of seniority rules in Swedenvon Below, David / Skogman Thoursie, Peter
2007 Resources and student achievement: Evidence from a Swedish policy reformFredriksson, Peter / Öckert, Björn
2007 Incentive and spill-over effects of supplementary sickness compensationHesselius, Patrik / Persson, Malin
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