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DateTitle Authors
1998 Attrition and misclassification of drop-outs in the analysis of unemployment durationBring, Johan / Carling, Kenneth
1998 Municipal labour demandBergström, Pål / Dahlberg, Matz / Johansson, Eva
1998 Resistant outlier rules and the non-Gaussian caseCarling, Kenneth
1999 The multi-dimensional nature of labor demand and skill-biased technical changeMellander, Erik
1999 Direct displacement effects of labour market programmes: the case of SwedenDahlberg, Matz / Forslund, Anders
1999 Self-employment grants vs. subsidized employment: Is there a difference in the re-unemployment risk?Carling, Kenneth / Gustafson, Lena
1999 Job flows in Swedish manufacturing 1972-1996Andersson, Fredrik
1999 Swimming with the tide: solidarity wage policy and the gender earnings gapEdin, Per-Anders / Richardson, Katarina
1999 Survey evidence on wage rigidity and unemployment: Sweden in the 1990sAgell, Jonas / Lundborg, Per
1999 Do benefit cuts boost job findings? Swedish evidence from the 1990sCarling, Kenneth / Holmlund, Bertil / Vejsiu, Altin
1999 Policy programmes only for a few? Participation in labour market programmes among Swedish disabled workersMelkersson, Maria
1999 Unemployment duration and heterogenous search behavior among Swedish disabled workersMelkersson, Maria
2000 Decentralisation of active labour market policy: The case of Swedish local employment service committeesLundin, Martin / Skedinger, Per
2000 The evolution of the marriage premium in the Swedish labor market 1968-1991Richardson, Katarina
2000 The effect of increased employer contacts within a labour market training programJohansson, Per / Martinson, Sara
2000 Ethnic enclaves and the economic success of immigrants - evidence from a natural experimentEdin, Per-Anders / Fredriksson, Peter / Åslund, Olof
2000 Ranking of job applicants, on-the-job search, and persistent unemploymentEriksson, Stefan / Gottfries, Nils
2000 Effects of changes in the unemployment insurance eligibility requirements on job duration - Swedish evidenceHägglund, Pathric
2000 On-the-job training, firm resources and unemployment risks: an analysis of the Swedish recession 1991-1993le Grand, Carl
2000 Active labour market policies and real-wage determination - Swedish evidenceForslund, Anders / Kolm, Ann-Sofie
2000 Testing exogeneity in cross-section regression by sorting datade Luna, Xavier / Johansson, Per
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