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DateTitle Authors
2010 Does providing childcare to unemployed affect unemployment duration?Vikman, Ulrika
2010 Bootstrap inference for K-nearest neighbour matching estimatorsde Luna, Xavier / Johansson, Per / Sjöstedt-de Luna, Sara
2010 Are boys discriminated in Swedish high schools?Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn / Höglin, Erik / Johannesson, Magnus
2009 Experimental evidence from intensified placement efforts among unemployed in SwedenHägglund, Pathric
2009 Monitoring job offer decisions, punishments, exit to work, and job qualityvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Vikström, Johan
2009 Stability of college rankings: A study of relative earnings estimates applying different methods and models on Swedish dataGartell, Marie
2009 How do income-support systems in the UK affect labour force participation?Brewer, Mike
2009 Labour supply incentives, and income support systems in EstoniaVõrk, Andres
2009 Peers, neighborhoods and immigrant student achievement: Evidence from a placement policyÅslund, Olof / Edin, Per-Anders / Fredriksson, Peter / Grönqvist, Hans
2009 Cluster sample inference using sensitivity analysis: The case with few groupsVikström, Johan
2009 Institutions and labor market outcomes in the NetherlandsGautier, Pieter A. / van der Klaauw, Bas
2009 Vacancy referrals, job search and the duration of unemployment: A randomized experimentEngström, Per / Hesselius, Patrik / Holmlund, Bertil
2009 Seeking similarity: How immigrants and natives manage at the labor marketÅslund, Olof / Hensvik, Lena / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2009 Social stratification and out-of-school learningAndersson, Christian / Johansson, Per
2009 How effective are unemployment benefit sanctions? Looking beyond unemployment exitArni, Patrick / Lalive, Rafael / van Ours, Jan C.
2009 The effect of employer incentives in social insurance on individual wagesWikström, Johan
2009 Labour supply incentives, income support systems and taxes in SwedenForslund, Anders
2009 The duration of paid parental leave and cildren's scholastic performanceLiu, Qian / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2009 Age at migration and social integrationÅslund, Olof / Böhlmark, Anders / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2009 Job durations with worker and firm specific effects: MCMC estimation with longitudinal employer-employee dataHorny, Guillaume / Mendes, Rute / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2009 Income support systems, labour supply incentives and employment: Some cross-country evidenceForslund, Anders / Fredriksson, Peter
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