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DateTitle Authors
2011 What active labor market policy works in a recession?Forslund, Anders / Fredriksson, Peter / Vikström, Johan
2011 Wage adjustment and productivity shocksCarlsson, Mikael / Messina, Julián / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2011 The threat effect of participation in active labor market programs on job search behavior of migrants in GermanyBergemann, Annette / Caliendo, Marco / van den Berg, Gerard J. / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2011 For whose sake do couples relocate? Gender, career opportunities and couples' internal migrationBrandén, Maria / Ström, Sara
2011 Evaluating microfoundations for aggregate price rigidities: Evidence from matched firm-level data on product prices and unit labor costCarlsson, Mikael / Skans, Oskar Nordström
2011 Critical periods during childhood and adolescence: A study of adult height among immigrant siblingsvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Lundborg, Petter / Nystedt, Paul / Rooth, Dan-Olof
2011 Bounds on treatment effects on transitionsRidder, Geert / Vikström, Johan
2011 Assistant and auxiliary nurses in crisis times: Earnings and employment following public sector job loss in the 1990sEliason, Marcus
2011 The relative efficiency of active labour market policy: Evidence from a social experiment and non-parametric methodsVikström, Johan / Rosholm, Michael / Svarer, Michael
2010 The effect of own and spousal parental leave on earningsJohansson, Elly-Ann
2010 The role early-life conditions in the cognitive decline due to adverse events later in lifevan den Berg, Gerard J. / Deeg, Dorly J. H. / Lindeboom, Maarten / Portrait, France
2010 Treatment evaluation in the case of interactions within marketsFerracci, Marc / Jolivet, Grégory / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2010 Dynamic effects of mandatory activation of welfare participantsPersson, Anna / Vikman, Ulrika
2010 Businesses, buddies and babies: Social ties and fertility at workHensvik, Lena / Nilsson, Peter
2010 Insured by the partner?Olsson, Marton / Skogman Thoursie, Peter
2010 Can adult education delay retirement from the labour market?de Luna, Xavier / Stenberg, Anders / Westerlund, Olle
2010 The intergenerational transmission of cognitive and non-cognitive abilitiesGrönqvist, Erik / Öckert, Björn / Vlachos, Jonas
2010 Competition, wages and teacher sorting: Four lessons learned from a voucher reformHensvik, Lena
2010 Can sickness absence be affected by information meetings? Evidence from a social experimentJohansson, Per / Lindahl, Erica
2010 Graded children: Evidence of longrun consequences of school grades from a nationwide reformSjögren, Anna
2010 Does providing childcare to unemployed affect unemployment duration?Vikman, Ulrika
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