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DateTitle Authors
2015 A matter of life and death? Hospital distance and quality of care: Evidence from emergency hospital closures and myocardial infarctionsAvdic, Daniel
2014 The relation between economic and non-economic incentives to work and employment chances among the unemployedNordlund, Madelene / Strandh, Mattias
2014 Immigrant entrepreneurship and the origin of bankersEliasson, Tove
2014 Does early child care help or hurt childrens's development?Felfe, Christina / Lalive, Rafael
2014 The determinants of teacher mobility in SwedenKarbownik, Krzysztof
2014 Income receipt and mortality: Evidence from Swedish public sector employeesAndersson, Elvira / Lundborg, Petter / Vikström, Johan
2014 From giving birth to paid labor: The effects of adult education for prime-aged mothersBergemann, Annette / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2014 Negotiated wage increases and the labor market outcomes of low-wage workers: Evidence from the Swedish public sectorEliasson, Tove / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2014 Sweden's school choice reform and equality of opportunityEdmark, Karin / Frölich, Markus / Wondratschek, Verena
2014 Can political inequalities be educated away? Evidence from a Swedish school reformLindgren, Karl-Oskar / Oskarsson, Sven / Dawes, Christopher T.
2014 To meet or not to meet, that is the question: Short-run effects of high-frequency meetings with case workersvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Kjærsgaard, Lene / Rosholm, Michael
2014 The spacing of births and women's subsequent earnings: Evidence from a natural experimentKarimi, Arizo
2014 Naturalizations and the economic and social integration of immigrantsEngdahl, Mattias
2014 Gender differences in shirking: Monitoring or social preferences?Johansson, Per / Karimi, Arizo / Nilsson, J. Peter
2014 Learning-by-doing in a highly skilled profession when stakes are high: Evidence from advanced cancer surgeryAvdic, Daniel / Lundborg, Petter / Vikström, Johan
2014 Who cares about the democratic mandate of education? A text analysis of the Swedish secondary education reform of 2009Adman, Per
2014 The differential earnings and income effects of involuntary job loss on workers with disabilitiesAngelov, Nikolay / Eliason, Marcus
2014 Effects of the timing of births on women's earnings: Evidence from a natural experimentKarimi, Arizo
2014 The effects of targeted labour market programs for job seekers with occupational disabilitiesAngelov, Nikolay / Eliason, Marcus
2014 IPW estimation and related estimators for evaluation of active labor market policies in a dynamic settingVikström, Johan
2014 Factors associated with occupational disability classificationAngelov, Nikolay / Eliason, Marcus
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