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DateTitle Authors
2013 Examination behavior: Gender differences in preferences?Nekby, Lena / Skogman Thoursie, Peter / Vahtrik, Lars
2013 Paid parental leave to immigrants: An obstacle to labor market entrance?Vikman, Ulrika
2013 Job practice: An evaluation and a comparison with vocational labour market training programmesForslund, Anders / Liljeberg, Linus / von Trott zu Solz, Leah
2013 How long and how much? Learning about the design of wage subsidies from policy discontinuitiesSjögren, Anna / Vikström, Johan
2013 Earned income tax credits, unemployment benefits and wages: Empirical evidence from SwedenBennmarker, Helge / Calmfors, Lars / Seim, Anna Larsson
2013 Wages of childhood immigrants in Sweden: Education, returns to education and overeducationKatz, Katarina / Österberg, Torun
2013 Does more general education reduce the risk of future unemployment? Evidence from labor market experiences during the Great RecessionHall, Caroline
2013 Gender differences in sickness absence and the gender division of family responsibilitiesAngelov, Nikolay / Johansson, Per / Lindahl, Erica
2013 Self-employment and the local business cycleSvaleryd, Helena
2013 Decomposing immigrant wage assimilation: The role of workplaces and occupationsEliasson, Tove
2013 Gender differences in preferences for health-related absences from workAvdic, Daniel / Johansson, Per
2013 Screening stringency in the disability insurance programJohansson, Per / Laun, Lisa / Laun, Tobias
2013 Open borders, transport links and local labor marketsÅslund, Olof / Engdahl, Mattias
2013 Social networks, employee selection and labor market outcomesHensvik, Lena / Nordström Skans, Oskar
2013 Political training as a pathway to power: The impact of participation in student union councils on candidate emergenceLundin, Martin / Nordström Skans, Oskar / Zetterberg, Pär
2013 Employment protection and parental child careOlsson, Martin
2013 Effects of correlated covariates on the efficiency of matching and inverse probability weighting estimators for causal inferencePingel, Ronnie / Waernbaum, Ingeborg
2013 Is the persistent gender gap in income and wages due to unequal family responsibilities?Angelov, Nikolay / Johansson, Per / Lindahl, Erica
2012 Does privatisation of vocational rehabilitation improve labour market opportunities? Evidence from a field experiment in SwedenJönsson, Lisa / Skogman Thoursie, Peter
2012 The effect of age-targeted tax credits on retirement behaviorLaun, Lisa
2012 Long-term effects of class sizeFredriksson, Peter / Öckert, Björn / Oosterbeek, Hessel
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