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DateTitle Authors
2009 La dinámica del sector de Castaña y su impacto sobre el mercado laboral y la pobreza en el Norte Amazónico de BoliviaNina, Osvaldo / von Vacano, Pablo
2009 Understanding productivity levels, dispersion and growth in the leather shoe industry: Effects of size and informalityBirbuet, Juan Cristóbal / Machicado, Carlos Gustavo
2010 Insights from Bolivia's green national accountsJemio M., Luis Carlos / Andersen, Lykke E.
2010 Is corruption really bad for inequality? Evidence from Latin AmericaDobson, Carlyn / Rodríguez Andrés, Antonio
2010 The value of water in Bolivia: An economic resource or a human right?Castañón Ballivián, Enrique
2010 Cuentas medioambientales para Bolivia, 1990 - 2008Jemio M., Luis Carlos
2010 Inflationary memory as restrictive factor of the impact of the public expense in the economic growth: Lessons from high inflation Latin American countries using an innovative inflationary memory indicatorSheriff, Ernesto
2010 Mercado laboral y reformas en BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz / Jemio M., Luis Carlos
2010 Social impacts of climate change in Brazil: A municipal level analysis of the effects of recent and future climate change on income, health and inequalityAndersen, Lykke E. / Román, Soraya / Verner, Dorte
2010 The impact of internet use on individual earnings in Latin AmericaNavarro, Lucas
2010 Determinantes de los ingresos laborales en las zonas urbanas de BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz
2010 Social impacts of climate change in Mexico: A municipality level analysis of the effects of recent and future climate change on human development and inequalityAndersen, Lykke E. / Verner, Dorte
2010 The changing role of the international community in the achievement of the MDG goals in BoliviaCalì, Massimiliano / Jemio M., Luis Carlos
2010 Aporte de los servicios ecosistémicos silvícolas a la economía BolivianaMachicado, Carlos Gustavo / Muriel H., Beatriz / Jemio M., Luis Carlos
2010 Trabajo no agrícola de las familias rurales en Bolivia: Un análisis de determinantes y efectosAndersen, Lykke E. / Valencia, Horacio
2010 Effects of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on the Bolivian economy: A CGE approachCicowiez, Martin / Machicado, Carlos Gustavo
2010 Public expenditure policy in Bolivia: Growth and welfareMachicado, Carlos Gustavo / Estrada, Paul / Flores, Ximena
2011 La Quinua: Una opción para mejorar los ingresos rurales en BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz / Evia S., Tania
2011 Matriculacion y trabajo infantil en Bolivia: Un análisis quasi experimentalCossío, Diego Alejandro Vera
2011 Bolivian sub-national revenues: A reviewMuriel H., Beatriz
2011 Towards universalism? The obstructed process of healthcare reform in BoliviaSirén, Sebastian
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