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DateTitle Authors
2013 Global dynamic timelines for IPRs harmonization against software piracyAndrés, Antonio R. / Asongu, Simplice A.
2013 A measurement of the carbon sequestration potential of Guadua angustifolia in the Carrasco National Park, BoliviaRojas Quiroga, Ricardo A. / Li, Tracey / Lora, Gonzalo / Andersen, Lykke E.
2013 Problematizing the effect of rural-urban linkages on food security and malnutrition in Guatemala's Western HighlandsFenton, Ioulia
2013 Building resilence against adverse shocks: What are the determinants of vulnerability and resilence?Andersen, Lykke E. / Cardona, Marcelo
2012 Environmental and socio-economic consequences of forest carbon payments in Bolivia: Results of the OSIRIS-Bolivia modelAndersen, Lykke E. / Busch, Jonah / Curran, Elizabeth / Ledezma, Juan Carlos / Mayorga, Joaquin / Bellier, Mélissa
2012 Impactos socio-económicos y ambientales de compensaciones por la reducción de emisiones de deforestación en Bolivia: Resultados del modelo OSIRIS-BoliviaAndersen, Lykke E. / Busch, Jonah / Curran, Elizabeth / Ledezma, Juan Carlos / Mayorga, Joaquin / Ruiz, Pablo
2012 Exportaciones y empleo en BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz / Mayorga, Joaquín
2012 Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and females: A comparative study among East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji / Rodriguez Andres, Antonio
2012 Fighting software piracy: Which governance tools matter in Africa?Andrés, Antonio R. / Asongu, Simplice A.
2012 News, noise, and fluctuations: An empirical explorationBlanchard, Olivier J. / L'Huillier, Jean-Paul / Lorenzoni, Guido
2012 Earthquakes and economic growthFisker, Peter Simonsen
2012 Bureaucratic delay, local-level monitoring, and delivery of small infrastructure projects: Evidence from a field experiment in BoliviaMachicado, Carlos / Yanez-Pagans, Monica
2012 Peer effects in risk aversionGandelman, Néstor / Balsa, Ana / González, Nicolás
2012 Productivity, structural change, and Latin American developmentMachicado, Carlos / Rioja, Felix / Saravia, Antonio
2012 Empleo y regulación laboral: Análisis empírico de las firmas manufactureras Bolivianas, 1988 - 2007Muriel Hernández, Beatriz / Machicado Salas, C. Gustavo
2012 Employment and labor regulation: Evidence from manufacturing firms in Bolivia, 1988 - 2007Muriel, Beatriz / Machicado, Carlos Gustavo
2012 Does licensing induce technological spillovers to domestic firms?Castro, Luis
2011 Depressive mood and children: Europe and South KoreaRodríguez Andrés, Antonio / Hopcroft, Rosemary L. / Noh, Yong-hwan
2011 Costos laborales, economia informal y reformas a la legistacion laboral en BoliviaRomán, Soraya
2011 Rethinking earnings determinants in the urban areas of BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz
2011 Agricultura y empleo rural agropecuario en Bolivia: Consecuencias del control de precios en el sector agropecuarioCossío, Diego Alejandro Vera
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