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DateTitle Authors
2014 Klimaanpassung als wirtschaftspolitisches HandlungsfeldTrela, Karl
2014 The idea of a social cycleCallahan, Gene / Hoffmann, Andreas
2014 Orthodoxer Mainstream und Heterodoxe Alternativen: Eine Analyse der ökonomischen WissenschaftslandschaftQuaas, Friedrun
2014 Neuordnung der Professorenbesoldung in SachsenGawel, Erik
2014 A property rights based consolidation approachCasajus, André / Labrenz, Helfried
2014 The relationship between GDP and the size of the informal economy: Empirical evidence for SpainDuarte, Pablo
2013 RMB internationalisation and currency co-operation in East AsiaVolz, Ulrich
2013 Growth and volatility of tax revenues in Latin AmericaFricke, Hans / Süssmuth, Bernd
2013 Tax bracket creep and its effects on income distributionHeer, Burkhard / Süssmuth, Bernd
2013 Limits of monetary policy autonomy and exchange rate flexibility by East Asian central banksLoeffler, Axel / Schnabl, Gunther / Schobert, Franziska
2013 The global move into the zero interest rate and high debt trapSchnabl, Gunther
2013 Low interest rate policy and the use of reserve requirements in emerging marketsHoffmann, Andreas / Loeffler, Axel
2013 The euro as a proxy for the classical gold standard? Government debt financing and political commitment in historical perspectiveHoffmann, Andreas
2013 Migration, capital formation, and house pricesGrossmann, Volker / Schäfer, Andreas / Steger, Thomas M.
2013 Neuordnung der W-Besoldung: Ausgestaltung und verfassungsrechtliche Probleme der Komsumtionsregeln zur Anrechnung von LeistungsbezügenGawel, Erik
2012 Optimal growth policy: The role of skill heterogeneityGrossmann, Volker / Steger, Thomas M.
2012 A different look at Lenin's legacy: Social capital and risk taking in the two GermaniesHeineck, Guido / Süssmuth, Bernd
2012 The Shapley value without efficiency and additivityCasajus, André
2012 Null players, solidarity, and the egalitarian Shapley valuesCasajus, André / Hüttner, Frank
2012 Ein Nelson-Winter-Modell der deutschen VolkswirtschaftQuaas, Georg
2012 Nullifying vs. dummifying players or nullified vs. dummified players: The difference between the equal division value and the equal surplus division valueCasajus, André / Hüttner, Frank
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