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DateTitle Authors
2013 The world innovation landscape: Asia rising?Veugelers, Reinhilde
2013 From supervision to resolution: Next steps on the road to European banking unionVéron, Nicolas / Wolff, Guntram B.
2013 Should non-Euro area countries join the single supervisory mechanism?Darvas, Zsolt / Wolff, Guntram B.
2013 Options for a Euro-area fiscal capacityPisani-Ferry, Jean / Vihriälä, Erkki / Wolff, Guntram B.
2013 Electricity infrastructure: More border crossings or a borderless Europe?Zachmann, Georg
2013 Can Europe recover without credit?Darvas, Zsolt
2012 Private long-term investment in uncertain timesZachmann, Georg
2012 The Greek debt trap: An escape planDarvas, Zsolt
2012 A budget for Europe's monetary unionWolff, Guntram B.
2012 The long-term EU budget: Size or flexibility?Marzinotto, Benedicta
2012 Intra-Euro rebalancing is inevitable but insufficientDarvas, Zsolt
2012 Arithmetic is absolute: Euro-area adjustmentWolff, Guntram B.
2012 New ICT sectors: Platforms for European growth?Veugelers, Reinhilde
2012 Europe's single supervisory mechanism and the long journey towards banking unionVéron, Nicolas
2012 Propping up Europe?Pisani-Ferry, Jean / Wolff, Guntram B.
2012 The known unknowns and the unknown unknowns of the EMUPisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 How wide is the Mediterranean?Zachmann, Georg / Tam, Mimi / Granelli, Lucia
2012 The Euro crisis and the new impossible trinityPisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 Challenges for the Euro area and implications for LatviaWolff, Guntram B.
2012 The challenges of Europe's fourfold unionVéron, Nicolas
2012 Who's afraid of sovereign bonds?Merler, Silvia / Pisani-Ferry, Jean
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