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DateTitle Authors
2010 Urban poverty and support for Islamist terror: survey results of Muslims in fourteen countriesMousseau, Michael
2010 Purchasing power parity and the European single currency: some new evidenceChristidou, Maria / Panagiotidis, Theodore
2010 Why a diversified portfolio should include African assetsAlagidede, Paul / Panagiotidis, Theodore / Zhang, Xu
2010 The global financial crisis: how similar? How different? How costly?Claessens, Stijn / Kose, M. Ayhan / Terrones, Marco E.
2010 A note on the geometric ergodicity of a nonlinear AR-ARCH modelMeitz, Mika / Saikkonen, Pentti
2010 Auction design and the success of national 3G spectrum auctionsMadden, Gary / Sağlam, Ismail / Morey, Aaron
2010 Joblessness and perceptions about the effectiveness of democracyAltındağ, Duha / Mocan, H. Naci
2010 Global links and local bonds. The role of ownership and size in productivity growthTaymaz, Erol / Voyvoda, Ebru / Yilmaz, Kamil
2010 Modeling institutional evolutionNeyapti, Bilin
2010 The labor market consequences of internal migration in TurkeyBerker, Ali
2010 Financial regulation, integration and synchronization of economic activityKalemli-Özcan, Sebnem / Papaioannou, Elias / Peydró, José-Luis
2011 Emerging market business cycles revisited: learning about the trendBoz, Emine / Daude, Christian / Durdu, C. Bora
2011 Banking geography and cross-fertilization in the productivity growth of US commercial banksTirtiroglu, Dogan / Tanyeri, A. Basak / Tirtiroglu, Ercan / Daniels, Kenneth N.
2011 Institutions and business cyclesAltug, Sumru / Emin, Mustafa / Neyapti, Bilin
2011 Brain drain from Turkey: return intentions of skilled migrantsGüngör, Nil Demet / Tansel, Aysit
2011 Cyclical dynamics of industrial production and employment: Markov chain-based estimates and testAltuğ, Sumru / Tan, Barış / Gencer, Gözde
2011 Review of "This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff"Kose, M. Ayhan
2011 The effect of information on gender differences in competitiveness: experimental evidenceErtac, Seda / Szentes, Balázs
2011 The dependence of health insurance availability on years left before MedicareBayindir, Esra Eren / Gurdal, Mehmet Yigit / Sağlam, Ismail
2011 Subprime consumer credit demand: evidence from a lender's pricing experimentAlan, Sule / Dumitrescu, Ruxandra / Loranth, Gyongyi
2011 Wage inequality and returns to education in Turkey: a quantile regression analysisTansel, Aysit / Bircan, Fatma
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