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DateTitle Authors
2010 Business cycle dynamics in the CEE countries: a political economy approachAdalet, Müge / Öz, Sumru
2010 Social image in public goods provision with real effortFiliz-Ozbay, Emel / Ozbay, Erkut Y.
2010 Source country characteristics and immigrants' migration duration and saving decisionsKirdar, Murat G.
2010 Efficient dynamic matching with costly searchAtakan, Alp E.
2010 Global crisis, national responses: the political economy of Turkish exceptionalismÖniş, Ziya / Güven, Ali Burak
2010 Can common stocks provide a hedge against inflation? Evidence from African countriesAlagidede, Paul / Panagiotidis, Theodore
2010 Beklentilerin Ekonomi Uzerine Etkileri: MS-VAR YaklasimiBildirici, Melike / Bozoklu, Ümit
2010 Deciding to decide: gender, leadership and risk-taking in groupsErtac, Seda / Gurdal, Mehmet Yigit
2010 Better to give than to receive: predictive directional measurement of volatility spilloversDiebold, Francis X. / Yilmaz, Kamil
2010 Para politikası beklentilerinin sermaye piyasaları üzerindeki etkisiDemiralp, Selva / Yilmaz, Kamil
2010 The effect of compulsory schooling laws on teenage marriage and births in TurkeyKirdar, Murat G. / Tayfur, Meltem Dayıoğlu / Koç, İsmet
2010 Competitive equilibria in decentralized matching with incomplete informationAtakan, Alp E.
2010 Taking stock: the customs union between Turkey and the EU fifteen years laterYilmaz, Kamil
2010 The effects of social security taxes and minimum wages on employment: Evidence from TurkeyPapps, Kerry L.
2010 Public housing units vs. housing vouchers: accessibility, local public goods, and welfareSarpça, Sinan / Leung, Charles Ka Yui / Yilmaz, Kuzey
2010 Kriz ve İşsizlik: Başarı Örnekleri ve Çözüm ÖnerileriÖz, Sumru
2010 Parameter estimation in nonlinear AR-GARCH modelsMeitz, Mika / Saikkonen, Pentti
2010 Rhetoric in legislative bargaining with asymmetric informationChen, Ying / Eraslan, Hülya
2010 Does the conditional CAPM work? Evidence from the Istanbul Stock ExchangeYalçın, Atakan / Erşahin, Nuri
2010 Business cycles around the globe: a regime switching approachAltuğ, Sumru / Bildirici, Melike
2010 Urban poverty and support for Islamist terror: survey results of Muslims in fourteen countriesMousseau, Michael
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