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DateTitle Authors
2008 Restriction on stating preferences in college admissions in TurkeyDoğan, Kadir / Yuret, Tolga
2008 Integration with the global economy. The case of Turkish automobile and consumer electronics industriesTaymaz, Erol / Yilmaz, Kamil
2009 The intertemporal relation between expected return and risk on currencyBali, Turan G. / Yilmaz, Kamil
2009 Were universal banks more vulnerable to banking failures? Evidence from the 1931 German banking crisisAdalet, Müge
2009 The emergence of the regulatory state: The political economy of Turkish banking reforms in the age of post-Washington consensusBakır, Caner / Öniş, Ziya
2009 Strategic effects of incomplete and renegotiation-proof contractsKoçkesen, Levent / Gerratana, Emanuele
2009 Money and the transmission of monetary policyCarpenter, Seth / Demiralp, Selva
2009 Return and volatility spillovers among the East Asian equity marketsYilmaz, Kamil
2009 The effect of financial structure on crises: universal banking in interwar EuropeAdalet, Müge
2009 Asymmetric response to monetary policy surprises at the long-end of the yield curveDemiralp, Selva / Yilmaz, Kamil
2009 Turkey's recent trade and foreign direct investment performanceİzmen, Ümit / Yilmaz, Kamil
2009 Maturity, indebtedness, and default riskChatterjee, Satyajit / Eyigüngör, Burcu
2009 Intergenerational effects of trade liberalizationArtuç, Erhan
2009 Kriz ve korumacılık: Tarih tekerrür edecek mi?Öz, Sumru
2009 Provision of liquidity through the primary credit facility during the financial crisis: a structural analysisArtuç, Erhan / Demiralp, Selva
2009 International business cycle spilloversYilmaz, Kamil
2010 Exchange-rate pass-through to import prices: nonlinearities and exchange rate and inflationary regimesKılıç, Rehim
2010 Family control and financing decisionsCrocci, Ettore / Doukas, John A. / Gonenc, Halit
2010 Deep financial integration and volatilityKalemli-Özcan, Sebnem / Sørensen, Bent E. / Volosovych, Vadym
2010 Can Turkish recessions be predicted?Pagan, Adrian
2010 Business cycle dynamics in the CEE countries: a political economy approachAdalet, Müge / Öz, Sumru
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