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DateTitle Authors
2011 The effect of occupation-specific brain drain on human capitalHeuer, Nina
2011 International trade, union wage premia, and welfare in general equilibriumKreickemeier, Udo / Meland, Frode
2011 The optimal structure of commodity taxation in a monopoly with tax avoidance or evasionGoerke, Laszlo
2011 Electoral Cycles in Active Labor Market PoliciesMechtel, Mario / Potrafke, Niklas
2011 On the economic architecture of the workplace: repercussions of social comparisons amongst heterogeneous workersHyll, Walter / Stark, Oded
2011 Two-way migration between similar countriesKreickemeier, Udo / Wrona, Jens
2011 Endogenous selection of comparison groups, human capital formation, and tax policyHyll, Walter / Stark, Oded / Wang, Yong
2011 What makes us want to have more than others? Explaining relative consumption effects of public and private goodsHillesheim, Inga / Mechtel, Mario
2011 The prospect of migration, sticky wages, and 'educated unemployment'Fan, C. Simon / Stark, Oded
2011 The merger of populations, the incidence of marriages, and aggregate unhappinessStark, Oded / Rendl, Franz / Jakubek, Marcin
2011 Individual attitudes towards trade: Stolper-Samuelson revisitedJäkel, Ina C. / Smolka, Marcel
2011 Managerial versus production wages: Offshoring, country size and endowmentsBenz, Sebastian / Kohler, Wilhelm
2011 Offshoring tasks, yet creating jobs?Kohler, Wilhelm / Wrona, Jens
2011 Exchange of private demand information by simultaneous signalingStadler, Manfred
2011 Risk and the role of collateral in debt renegotiationNeus, Werner / Stadler, Manfred
2011 Intrafirm conflicts and interfirm competitionGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2011 Is population growth conducive to the sustainability of cooperation?Stark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin
2011 A concern about low relative income, and the alignment of utilitarianism with egalitarianismStark, Oded / Kobus, Martyna / Jakubek, Marcin
2011 Growth effects of 19th century mass migrations: "Fome Zero" for BrazilStolz, Yvonne / Baten, Jörg / Botelho, Tarcísio
2011 Can Internet search queries help to predict stock market volatility?Dimpfl, Thomas / Jank, Stephan
2011 Why foreign ownership may be good for youEgger, Hartmut / Kreickemeier, Udo
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