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DateTitle Authors
2015 Relational contracts and global sourcingKukharskyy, Bohdan
2015 Contests vs. piece rates in product market competitionPull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2015 Innovation, industrial dynamics and economic growthStadler, Manfred
2015 European monetary integration and aggregate relative deprivation: The dull side of the shiny euroStark, Oded / Wlodarczyk, Julia
2015 Engineering an incentive to search for work: A comparison groups approachStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin / Kobus, Martyna
2015 A bitter choice turned sweet: How acknowledging individuals' concern at having a low relative income serves to align utilitarianism and egalitarianismStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin / Kobus, Martyna
2015 Three-person envy games: Experimental evidence and a stylized modelBäker, Agnes / Güth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2014 The impact of the assimilation of migrants on the well-being of native inhabitants: A theoryStark, Oded / Bielawski, Jakub / Jakubek, Marcin
2014 Another brick in the wall? Technology leaders, patents, and the threat of market entryHeger, Diana / Zaby, Alexandra K.
2014 Forward trading and collusion of firms in volatile marketsAichele, Markus F.
2014 The portfolio structure of German households: A multinomial fractional response approach with unobserved heterogeneityBecker, Gideon
2014 Strategic investment, forward markets and competitionAichele, Markus
2014 A policy response to a downside of the integration of economies: An impossibility theoremStark, Oded
2014 Labor income risk and the reluctance of fouseholds to invest in risky financial assets: A panel data analysisBecker, Gideon / Dimpfl, Thomas
2014 Socially gainful gender quotasStark, Oded / Hyll, Walter
2014 The impact of the financial crisis on transatlantic information flows: An intraday analysisDimpfl, Thomas / Peter, Franziska J.
2014 Compulsory disclosure of private information theoretical and experimental results for the "acquiring-a-company" gameGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred / Zaby, Alexandra
2014 Endogenous price leadership: A theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred / Zaby, Alexandra
2014 Delegation, worker compensation, and strategic competitionGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2013 The role of managerial work in market performance: A monopoly model with team productionHildenbrand, Andreas / Duran, Mihael
2013 Reconciling the Rawlsian and the utilitarian approaches to the maximization of social welfareStark, Oded / Jakubek, Marcin / Falniowski, Fryderyk
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